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Sales/Enquiries seem to have dropped to zero

I have been on Fiverr for just under 2 months now and have taken around $300 already which I am absolutely chuffed about!

I was getting around 1-2 orders a day and around 5 or so enquiries for various things.

All of a sudden, I have had nothing come through at all for the last week. I understand some fluctuation but to go from loads of messages to nothing literally overnight seemed a little strange.

Anyone else experiencing this at all?


It does go up and down. I remember early on, I got nervous several times. Take an opportunity to review your gigs and your competition. The environment does fluctuate and you need to be on top of your offers. Also research new gigs.

For me it takes about 100 delivery on a single gig to figure out what the offer and the details are. I have even totally changed intro videos and descriptions several times until it was just right.

Thank you for responding. I’ve updated the images on my two popular ones which seem to be bringing the clicks up a little but not getting any luck with sales.

Will keep going though as it was looking really promising with the amount of money I received in my first two months!

Reply to @dsgnr_: Do not count on getting consistent sales here! Yes, it can happen, (see @landongrace) but even when you do everything exactly right, there are too many things beyond your control here. Make sure you promote your gigs off of Fiverr; drive your own traffic to your own gigs. That can help avoid some of the myriad system issues.

In January I made more sales than I had in the previous six months combined. Since early February, I’m back to a sale here and there. I have done nothing differently. In fact, I added a new gig. Otherwise, I sign in once per day to compensate for notifications not always being delivered (see “myriad system issues” above), I look over my profile to make sure it’s still there - at least most of it, (not a joke, see “myriad…” above, again), look at my ‘analytics’ just to see if there are any glaring trends - if it seems to be working correctly (see, OK, you get the point :slight_smile: ), spin through the forum to read about the intermittent or long-standing bugs (again, again) and then go on my merry way.

Keep in mind, all site and forum activities are dependent on whether the site is actually up, if it’s not displaying in some random language, and if I haven’t been erroneously and temporarily blocked. Sometimes, I’ll get several sales in a day or none for a month.

Believe it or not, I’m not trying to discourage you or even be particularly negative about Fiverr. BUT, this place is a buggy mess! You have to expect that and be willing to work around it (when you can) and be extremely patient (when you can’t). If you want any chance at being successful here, you will have to work very hard at building and sustaining your business - possibly even more so than setting up shop on your own; online or brick and mortar. It can work, but it is work. Good luck!