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Sales from last 7 days down


Have you seen a decrease in new sales from last 7 days?


No, the usual zero sales were reported by my sales team. Business is steady.


@naikoosuhaib Yes you are right. Sales are down since 10 Nov for me. I don’t know the reason really. Even my gig is moved to the second page from first.


Yes, I you are right, I notice sales dropped from last 10 day.


Me too, since November I have no request from new buyers. All I got is from my existing buyers who comes back to my gig. My gig is now on the 2nd page and I don’t know what is happening. I have no cancellations since then. I think Fiverr does not want me to have new buyers anymore, and i wonder why


Yes, i am also not getting order, include single message.can’t find buyer request also.


For about 15 days this has happened to me. My sales decreased by 70-80% for no apparent reason.


Business as usual. Hustling every day :wink:


Well I am wondering that this is November and December is yet 10 days ahead.
Maybe Winter Is Coming LOL


I keep repeating.

7 orders a day and no orders in 7 days both are normal… Just stay there and keep patience…


@zubairfb Yes you are right man but what the heck that the gig is going 2-3 steps down every day???
Patience is the key I admit that


We all are here to make some sales, I am sure some human in some part of the world will get benefit because his GIG will move upward… I just don’t worry much, my GIGs always shuffle around… GIGs are there to move up and down…


Yep. It appears everyone has ordered their Christmas or holiday stuff, and now the winter slowdown begins.


That’s surely the reason. It’s going to be slow SOON.


:rofl: :grinning: :sweat_smile:

I :heart: your sense of humor.


Yah, no Merry Christmas for us. I’m trying to think up gift ideas that I can actually make, not buy.


I am new to Fiverr. I am a voice artist. Before creating a gig, I thought of being in this forum for a while, because I have seen a lot of negative articles about Fiverr in various online forums. Users saying that when they have over $1000 to cash out, Fiverr suddenly suspends their accounts and then do not reply to any communication.
Even many buyers these days are complaining about things. I have read it in many places.
I guess this is why many new sellers are hesitating.
Even I am sort of hesitating as to whether to create a gig. Will my earnings be safe ?


Yes I’ve been here almost five years without any problems.

If people break the rules they get their accounts banned but if they follow the rules they won’t have any problems at all.

Many sellers earn over $50,000 a year on fiverr and some earn over $100,000 a year and none have problems.


It’s down for me about few months :frowning:


Same in Novemeber I earned well over 500$ but almost 400$ from old sellers