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Sales getting low on January 2016


Sales getting so slow in January and it really keep me worrying the next month income. How 'bout you guys?


You’re not the only person experiencing low sales. This month seems to be the worst for me since 2014.


whao! such relief… it thought it was just me… i’ve made just about a quarter for January compared to my average monthly sales revenue and i’ve been really bothered …i’ve checked and double checked all … but now i guess the clients are still on break and i hope they come back soon.


Before the Holidays I was so happy, I was getting messages every single day about my gigs and people really started ordering my gig. Now, no order, no one contacting me, nothing. I am so worried. I don’t understand what is going on.


I dunno guys, it’s boom and bust. I had my highest day of orders for the whole year yesterday, and that was after a relatively quiet period. It’s still very early on in the year and anyone with projects is likely just starting to get back into the groove. Nothing is going on, nothing is going wrong.


Same here. What is the solution?


Like Emmaki said, its highs and lows. I haven’t had any high sales, but I’ve had lots of messages and setting up of future plans this month. Its a weird time of year, being slow but intense for me.


The same thing happened to me last year and its happening again! I guess most people are still hung-over from the new years and christmas. They’ll get sober soon :slight_smile: Don’t worry!


YES!! I was worried that it was only me, and started worrying that I reached my final time with fiverr, do you have any idea when will the holidays be over ?


When we have the gigs showing of other competitors on the bottom of our gigs sales as we do now, always slow down.


Hmm - I wish there would be a way to track overall sales trends by gig types. I’m afraid that if someone posted the topic “Sales getting high in January” there could be 10 people agreeing - confirmation bias.


While my overall orders are way down this month, my total earnings have been the highest ever. I added packages and increased my rates. When I get an order, it’s a big one. I hope it all works out for everyone,


And having a good chuckle over the “1 YEAR LATER” thing. Ha ha!