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Sales Getting very Low!

Hello mates,
sales getting very low gradually. am i the only seller experiencing slow sale? how about you guys?


It happens I was getting 20 orders a day 2 months ago now very few orders daily! Focus on your work and sales will improve over time.

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didn’t get any negative feedback yet but nowadays i am felling like getting message every single day from buyer is a very tough challenge :smiley:

I have medium bulk orders coming in a little bit, but it’s slower than the past few months. I don’t think this is unusual for me at this time of year. Many of my buyers are in a change of seasons and either having holidays end or holidays begin depending on where they live. It doesn’t seem abnormally slow to me.


thanks for your words. waiting for future days. i really want to keep myself busy along with fiverr. it’s a very flexible site for business i think.

In my opinion, diversification is always smart. Use Fiverr and it’s great, there is currently no fee to use Fiverr unless you make a sale so why not? When things are slow you could work to improve and update your Fiverr offerings, do some outside marketing, or try new things. There are other freelance sites (best not mentioned on the forum) and places to make money from Ebay to Amazon to smaller platforms. Get out there and keep busy!


Hi,few months ago I also gone through these stuff.then I worked on my keywords and seo of mine each and every active gigs.right now iam getting lots of orders and msgs.

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My sales also getting low. :expressionless:

Then find ways to raise them. You are responsible for your own sales and success. Get out there and make it happen!

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I will try my best, bro

it is unprofessional to refer to someone who is not a close male friend as, “bro”. I am not your “bro”.

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Yeah, we are in the same boat :canoe: :joy:

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Sales are very low. New seller is not able to find gigs at the search option. What can I do in this case.I’m constantly updating my profile.But I do not get any good results.please advise me.How do I improve my business?

and Ocean making us feel tiny. feel like Johnny Depp :rofl:

  1. use social media for gig advertising
  2. build a Portfolio
  3. Submit offer to buyer request
  4. try to make repeat buyer
  5. make your own unique working style
    … i am trying too…

thanks. definitely i will keep your valuable words in my mind :slight_smile:

How can I increase my sale?