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SALES going down down and down

is it only with me or everyone else is facing problem. kindly review my profile and tell me whats wrong there


Duh, a countless number of things are wrong with your profile.

I am going to start with the most obvious one, you are using a fake profile picture of a celebrity. You have some grammar errors, and on top of it, you are using free templates as your gig photos. Do you know that people aren’t that naive, they can do a reverse image search on google and find out that you are selling templated work?


Since @gig_freak already pointed out the obvious.

I took a look at your profile description. (see below)

Hi , i am a logo , business card , flyer and having more than 2 year of experience :slight_smile: I am providing you best deals with best gigs on fiverr :slight_smile: I promise you to deliver my best :slight_smile:

I can only imagine what your GIG descriptions are like. Don’t have time :watch: to check! You need to PROOFREAD or hire a proofreader to it do it for you like ASAP! :pineapple:


I just checked “her” gig description, it’s actually with fewer errors, and she somehow managed to use the capital “I”. is it strange? Or am I overreacting?


You’re totally overreacting, Freaky as usual! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here… have a hot cup of brew :coffee:


please suggest me a better one

you are not alone… :expressionless:

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please tell me more mistake that I have commited and kindly tell me better way t improve my Gig as I am working very hard and I am not getting desired results

I don’t see that you are working hard if you were working hard, you weren’t going to be asking me what are your mistakes. If you were working hard, you would have already known which are the mistakes. For starters, you can take you everything that you don’t actually own, and try to not use samples from template sites. Definitely, use a real profile photo.

Other than that, you are on your own. I can tell you only the basics.


Kindly tell me some more basics as i think I am working but in wrong direction,thats why every thing is going in vain

Do you think there are more basics then the basics? Seriously, I mean it. Do a google search on your own. I can help you, but that would make you a parasite. :wink:

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Please it will be your kindness if you tell me as I am doing research on my part but I am not getting results

Please do your own work. It is not our responsibility to do your work for you. YOU are responsible for your own research and success. If you don’t want to do the work, then you really don’t need the sales or success that go with that work.

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. Are you willing to be a doer, or are you hoping to achieve success through laziness and inaction?

I hope you choose the work. Work leads to success.


Great advice but has anyone ever told you you like that guy who played King of Queens’ cousin but is actually his brother in real life?

No, no one has ever told me this.

May I call you Danny? :slight_smile:

I would prefer that you refer to me by my actual name – Jon.

Ok. Gotcha :wink: :+1:

I’m Ned.

No. I will not help you. This site is meant for people who actually want to work, and provide a service. You, are looking for a place that you can just throw some plagiarized stuff on a profile and people give you money. So since you are trying to deceive people, I will not help you.


No, I cannot suggest you. I’m not here to spoon :bowl_with_spoon: feed. I suggest you do the work, this is YOUR business. Don’t expect ‘other’ sellers (competitors) to do the work for you.

Cheerio :cherries:

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