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Sales going down on end of the year?


Hi, How your business going on? It’s December, the last month of the year. There are several issues in this month such as the Christmas holiday, New year holiday etc. As a result, the potential buyers from Europe, the USA away from the business. Is it an issue for less number of orders in December?

Recently I’ve been facing that the clients knock, numbers of orders have been reducing day by day in this month. Are you facing this types of situation? Do we need anything to overcome it? Looking forward to your experience.

Have a good day, Mates.

Best Regards



Ohh, great. Thank for your awesome planing.


I am facing this issue. No new order!


Me too. You are not alone.Worst in my history :slight_smile:


I think that’s a gross exaggeration. There have been far worse economic/sales downturns in history. The global Great Depression of the early 20th Century comes to mind. :wink:


Well, I’m not an active seller though. But December will be the best month for me in this year. First 15 days were absolutely awesome for me, made $500 already. I hope there will be more in this month. :slight_smile:


I think you didn’t read carefully before you reply. I was saying “worst in my history”. Not the Global History :slight_smile:


wow. Congrates. That’s great.


Yup. I can see about half of the typical amount of notifications, and 30% of the typical amount of messages happening this month.


Yes I am also facing the same problem.


Surely there are other, more worthy not-so-great things that have happened to you, other than you not getting free sales (that you didn’t work for) here on Fiverr.

I would imagine that even something as common as you having the flu and being dangerously sick for a few days would be a lot worse than not receiving sales here on Fiverr. :wink: