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Sales Graph going Down.. Worried :(


Hello Fiverrians!

I’m a Level two two seller with 5 stars and positive reviews. But I’m worried that i’m getting order once a week that’s something not good for me. Please check my profile and guide me to increase my sales.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


  • Muniba


This is completely normal. All sellers (of all levels) experience these down times when sales go down. This is because of the way Fiverr rotates the gigs. In order to keep everything fair, Fiverr rotates everyone’s gigs and this is when your sales may go down.

Not to worry, they will come back up :slight_smile:


Reply to @david388: Thank you David for your response :slight_smile: I will surely have a look at my profile.


Hi Muniba!

Fluctuations in sales here happen to all of us. I suspect the TRS sellers even deal with the same issues (any TRS want to confirm this? :slight_smile: )

When I have a lull in sales, I take the extra time to go back over my Gigs and find ways to improve them, so I commend you on doing exactly this!

First of all, your gigs mainly deal with writing services, but I’ve noticed a few awkward grammatical constructions that would give me pause if I were looking to order writing from someone. I’d recommend going back over everything to make sure that your own writing is fully optimized.

You also have a few “stock images” here that run the risk of making your profile feel a bit generic. I’d recommend replacing them with original photography.

Hope this helps!



You will have sales going up and down. Just watch for changes trends in the market. Revisit your gig descriptions and intro videos. Check your offers against the competition. Just because one of my gigs works well doesn’t mean things in the sales environment won’t change.

Gigs that naturally have repeat customer’s are great. You will develop a group of regular customers that way. It will always be easier to work with people you have already worked with.


Yes being a Lvl 2 I have experienced this as well.

I have almost always seen fluctuations on sales for me - all the time.

Sometimes its Zero orders for several days & sometimes one day sees many orders.

Can anyone who is a Top Rated Seller confirm this as well?

Would be great to hear from their experiences! :slight_smile:




same here up and down. relaxing time :wink:


I’m a Level 2 seller and I’ve experienced the same thing. I take advantage the down time to make some new gig videos or go through my “contacts” list and offer a “repeat client discount”. Lulls can be frustrating but they happen to everyone…stay positive.

Best Wishes,