Sales have completely dried up


I started my new gig of logo designing and didn’t receive any response for the first few weeks on my proposal to the buyer’s at the buyer’s request page but then the responses started coming and I made quick fire sales back to back and crossed level one access with 5 out of 5 stars for all orders. Yet somehow messages and orderd have completely dried up do get views but no messages what so ever. It almost seems as if it was beginner’s luck.

I dont know what went wrong but I guess freelancing is not for everyone.


Don’t be so quick to give up!

Have you tried any off-Fiverr marketing at all? Youtube, facebook, twitter etc.

Please don’t make the mistake many do of expecting Fiverr to bring you the traffic as well as the selling platform - try it, and I’m sure it will help!

Good luck! :wink:


It’s all about Ebb & Flow… Hopefully, business pick up for ya! :relaxed:


It’s been 20 days last i completed my recent orders, Since then i’m just improving my gig quality .But it’s not happening. I guess it’'s totally depends on luck when you’re getting orders.

Leave it to the Almighty and #WeBelieveInHardwork.


Are you promoting your business anywhere other than Fiverr? Expecting success while being unwilling to work hard at promoting and marketing your gigs is one way that sales could dry up. Perhaps you aren’t doing any TARGETED promotional work to bring in traffic, customers and earn sales.


What do you mean by marketting ? Sharing gigs link on Social Media ?


You design flyers - you could create a flyer to advertise your services - it’s all part of marketing. :slight_smile:


Great idea, thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks guys !! Now will start working on social marketing. Hopefully things will pick up


My last delivery on Fiverr was 24 days ago, but I have orders every single day. Also in weekends.
Some of you guys want to be entrepreneurs (I don’t want to be one btw. but I’m forced into it) and this involves getting off of your … Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and wait for a miracle to happen. It doesn’t work that way. Relying in one single platform isn’t the way to build anything. But I understand that it is easier to victimize yourself if you do.


Perhaps you should look up what “marketing” is online. You will find plenty of useful examples.



Don’t expect sales or orders from buyers when you are not 100% Genuine seller.

Are you bengali actress srabanti chatterjee? your profile image is srabanti chatterjee a famous bengali actress

Also the gig images is not your own work as i can easily prove those samples on your gigs are available as templates for sale on many websites. SO that is not your 100% genuine work.

When you are not 100% true to yourself how can you expect others to trust you and order with you?

Many buyers are losing hope because of some fake sellers and stolen gig images

please read this buyer post

most of the NEW SELLERS posting that they are not getting orders. How thay can get the orders if they are using stolen internet images as their gig images and using actress images for their profile?

Sellers please be polite and work hard. As sellers each and every one of us has to be genuine and keep fiverr clean and trustworthy for the buyers. Use your own work for gig images and use your own image or logo for your profile image.