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Sales Have Dropped

We used to avg about 600.00 to 1100.00 per month in sales, in June if fell to just 125.00?

Did fiverr change anything? We also used to be on the top spot in the search pages, we are now in the 20th spot on the page.

Sellers with just 7 sales are above us and we have over 2k sales, does this make any sense?

Are rating is 5 star, in the green in every stat, level 2 seller that can for some odd reason never get top rated seller regardless of our stats.

Fiverr used to be the #1 place for sellers to sell work, today it’s a free for all, its all based on luck to be a top rated seller.

Hey fiverr, if we dont make money YOU DONT MAKE MONEY! Does it make more sense to promote your best SELLERS?

Sellers have no more say with fiverr.


Everybody are complaining lately…

To make a long story short, here is the short brief for you- two months after Fiverr changed their policy, high rated sellers realized there is no way back, stopped complaining and started looking for other ways to promote their gigs.

Have fun facing the challenges Fiverr set for us! :slight_smile:


What policy please? May/early June were my best months. Suddenly things slowed down drastically.

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The spike in June is only due to a delivery of project I worked on entire May and delivered it on June the 1st or 2nd (can’t remember). You are not the only one :wink:



You need to focus on your buyer rating and response rate also need to promote your gig on your relevant people

Useful info for newcomers, but not so for the OP. Have you looked at their profile? :wink:

No I haven’t seen their profile

You should - it’s very impressive! :slightly_smiling_face:


okay I will see their profile when i am free. thank you

SAME HERE. Yes, They have changed something - added a subcategory for some services from 1st of June. However once I added that on my gigs (and I did immediatelly of 1st of June), the gigs impressions/visibility went to the bottom. The sales I have after June are only from regular buyers; Will be pretty interesting if some from the fiverr staff answer here, however I doubt they will.

Same thing. In Feb i started my work at Fiverr, and now Jul - worst month, like on my start…
Dont know why

OK, seems mods have nothing to answer here… Will be great for us as seller to know what could WE DO to keep our visibility. In my case I have 5 stars rating/ 100% response rate/ 99% completed / 96% on time (usually 100, but due to technical reasons last month I had some issues). That is over 10 000+ completed sales, all worked fine and suddently I`m cutted down from fiverr serch results?.. Without any simple explanation…! What kind of algo fiverr uses to sort best sellers in results? And how sellers with a single review or even without reviews are ranked higher than strong gigs with thousands of reviews?


There are no answers! We have dropped from top spot to bottom of search page and sales are JUNK!

Not sure what they did, but whatever it was it’s crazy! Gigs with 3 sales are ahead of gigs with 2k sales!

I think they did this to make sellers lower proces, we can’t go lower or we work for free! lol

Best of luck to you!

This has happened with many people including me. My gigs were and still are shown on the first pages when searched for a specific keyword and I was doing great. Since last 3-4 months sales have dried up in dramatic way. Fiverr has made some changes in their system that is still mysterious. Some people say it’s because of off season some say it’s due to FIFA World cup but I don’t beleive. Many people are doing great with less reviews. Also, the monthly evaluation system has also effected many sellers. Let’s hope for a better future.

Yeah this month hasn’t been good at all. My gigs aren’t even placed in the search engine anymore

Tell me about it. :unamused:


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Nope, they were adapting to new ways to sell their services. Why would they promote their gigs when they can directly promote their website?

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Tell me about it. Setting up my own store in my facebook page and driving traffic there instead. Can’t rely on fiverr with their flawed search algorithm for traffic.

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I figured out one of the reasons why sales have dropped and rankings are getting worse.
Fiverr added a feature where once you deliver an order to a customer, the customer can mark the order RIGHT AWAY as COMPLETE - however now they have the option whether they would like to rate or not.

Before, customers would mark complete and be kinda forced to leave a review.
Now customers don’t have to leave reviews, which means if you don’t get reviews, your rankings go lower, and if your rankings go lower then you won’t make much money.


This was my worst month so far. I wish Fiverr would stop making these kind of changes - the more changes they add, the worse it becomes for sellers.


Hi i am also new hear but today i got my first order and i got 5***** for my order i am happy with my order. Hope i will get more order in near future.
I tried a lot and finally succeeded.