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Sales Have Tanked After Average Prices - REMOVE IT!


In all honesty, sales have literally tanked even my social media ads have literally stopped converting! My impressions are up, the ads are doing their jobs, and my advert guy is literally yelling at me saying he’s done everything he could which I believe wholeheartedly and statistically he has. My past clients have shown concern along with their being a significant decrease in click on my gigs. The Average price for me are not working. What’s your opinion?

  • Down With the Average Prices
  • I Like The New Average Prices
  • Stop Complaining & Wait For The “Test” To Be Over

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I get NO sales when average prices are shown. I’m also worried my regular repeat buyers will be mad at me when they see the average prices are less than they usually spend.


I find this very odd. Not too long ago I had a gig that was rejected for not having a starting price of $5, yet Fiverr is coming out with these new average price listings? I just don’t get it. Overall it’s Fiverr.
Why change something that has worked so well for so long.


I am split on this to be honest and I can’t think of a nicer way to say this but, weren’t you also saying your were not having sales BEFORE this was rolled out?
Anyway, my translation gig has tanked, probably due to having an average of $30+ when the rest are $5-10.
On the other hand, my SEO gig is doing well as I only get buyers with bigger budgets coming to me as the average there is $79. I don’t get the “rank me number 1 for New York Laywer and I’ll give you $5” on that any more which is nice.

Its too early to say but average price may have its benefits too.


I’m actually finding Fiverr really confusing from a buyer perspective at the moment. (Even though I’m not buying anything).

I’m getting new niche ideas and searching for existing gigs to see how well such niches (seem to perform). Now in the past, this was pretty easy. I would search for something like copywriting or real estate videos, and I would get a nice mix of (and clustered together mix) of sellers who seemed to be making regular deliveries, had products which I could compete with (or improve on), and whom all seemed to have put a lot of work into their gigs.

Now I just get PRO SELLERS and virtual trailer trash. (For the most part).

If I am looking into a writing niche and everyone over the first 2 pages are newbies or obviously there because they have appeared out of nowhere with hugely inflated prices, I can’t take any meaningful information away from my search. Plus, you know what they say, the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of a Google search.

All this being the case, I am starting to wonder at what point someone is going to say errr… “Okay, have we achieved our goals with all these algorithm changes? Or have we just really spent the past few months confusing the hell out the people who used to buy here?”


The low $5 price is what brings in new buyers to the site. They gradually move up to the higher prices.


It will happen when whoever thought it up is able to admit they were wrong. :roll_eyes: In other words it ain’t happening. Once an idea, ANY idea, gets as far as major testing like this one has, how often do you think it happens that they say “well that was a miserable failure, let’s just drop it.”


Well yeah, but it’s gotten worse, considerably. back then sales from Fiverr were low, very low but I had off-site advertising bringing in work but now no one is even touching me with the Average Prices. This is not going good. The worse part is no one even r4eponsing to my email campaigns after the average price update.


Average prices are dumb. The #1 rule of sales is you always advertise the lowest price first.

Maybe Fiverr has gotten complains from buyers who saw “for $5” and then realized that what they wanted didn’t cost $5.

However, retailers do this all the time. “Blue jeans up to 70% off.” Sounds exciting, until you realize only one or two pairs have that price.

Car dealers might have a car without air conditioning or power windows for a ridiculous price, but then you don’t buy it because you do need the AC and other features.

McDonalds has a dollar menu, but who orders from it? Maybe you buy a combo and then get a few other things from the dollar menu.

In the end, the low price is the hook. Expensive hotels in Las Vegas offer free buffets for example. However, you could always stay in a cheap hotel and then pay $20 to $40 for the buffet.

My point is Fiverr needs to remember us sellers. They need to remember we need to get orders. If average prices are killing our sales, then they need to go.


I just had a bizarrely simple but great idea to counteract the average price issue on my translation gig.
I just changed my title to “I Will Translate 350 Words For 5 Dollars”.


Good idea. So now we are going to have to advertise ourselves as obviously as possible as being cheap.


Yeah, it depends on the service I guess.
Translation is always based on word count so its a bit different to you but you could adjust it to “I will cast x, y, z starting from only 5 dollars” (No $ symbol allowed).
Your gigs are well worded and your extras show on the page so people can upgrade/you can upsell (upsPell?).


Love the idea but it’s impractical, to be honest. Every time I’ve edited my gig it’s either gone to search hell or been removed from search altogether. Honestly, we should not have to do this, it’s genuinely stupid. This entire situation is pretty much a joke that’s gone too long. Fiverr needs to stop with the damn changes and let sellers establish some footing!


Well, I made the edit already and my gig has disappeared so it can be checked as is normal.
What I know for sure is that making a change like this, which makes obvious sense as at the moment I am at 0 new sales because of the average price issue, makes more sense than seeing a problem and doing nothing.

Sometimes we need to make adjustments to suit the new playing field, I know it seems like I just defend Fiverr but what I actually do is try to roll with things how they are. I can’t change the Fiverr pricing system so I will make it work for me.

When someone sees my gig in search results, they will know that a 2000 word order is standard for me (avg $30, $5/350 words = 2000 words in an average order). That can only help me in my goal of only taking larger sales as people gain greater confidence in me. Hopefully it will mean buyers skip the $5 sample before larger orders and just go with the larger order.


I completely agree but the fact that we have to go through all this mess just to counter the effects of the new change kinda sucks. I don’t know how else to describe it. It just sucks.


If you ran a restaurant on the high street and another opened up beside you, you would need to adjust - its part of being in business. A PITA but it is what it is, some things are out of our control


This is a bad analogy. I opened a restaurant once and we did have a competitor open up next door. The difference with Fiverr is that when the competition shows up, you suddenly find that your own restaurant has been moved in the middle of the night and doesn’t even appear on Tripadvisor anymore.

In this case, you should perhaps edit your post to say:

If you ran a mysteriously moving restaurant which could appear anywhere in a hundred mile radius every day without notice, you would need to adjust - its part of being in business. A PITA but it is what it is, some things are out of our control.

Hope you appreciate the humor. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but all restaurants aren’t the same. If you run a Chinese Restaurant and then an Indian Restaurant opening next to you doesn’t mean you spike your prices and add more dishes.What you do is listen to your customers and make improvements based on the feedback provided, rather than acting on some ideas a couple of people at a board meeting decided would be a “GOOD” way to make more money while getting fewer orders.

I made a poll in this post for a reason. What the people want is pretty clear.


If I had asked the people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse - Henry Ford

There are plenty of arguments for and against changes but I lean towards just working with them where I can.
That said, after having a month of over and back with CS, the tech team et al, where I was on the verge of quitting translating on Fiverr, the change they made to the translation settings was rolled back so who knows, maybe this will be too.


Let’s hope that happens. Worse comes to worse, I’ll have to start selling my programming services here.