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Sales have tanked

Anyone else not receiving as many sales anymore?

Yep. Might be connected with that increase in service fee. Some of my repeat buyers are ranting about how they need to spend 2 bucks more on each Gig. One that wanted to leave the platform because of the service fee needed some convincing, so I’ve advised her to order big and then work for her gradually. Still waiting for her response. I wonder what kind of impact will it have on future orders?

For me, no. My sales are up. I raised prices to slow down sales a little bit, which semi-worked plus I’m making more. The only thing that is down is buyer response rate after gig completion. I’m having fewer buyers leave reviews or respond in any way after delivery, although even the ones that don’t are ordering again.

I’m against the higher service fee. It seems excessive to me. I suspect it is primarily going to hurt gigs that cost less and I wish that didn’t need to happen. It’s good to be able to offer cheap samples. I am considering putting something in my gigs to offer potential buyers a deal if they buy a cheap custom sample gig at $5-10. If they like that gig and decide to order a more expensive one, I’ll give them $5 off the larger order or something like that. That way they would get a discount worth the original processing fee and more.


I have not been too badly affected, in fact, most clients are opting for the more expensive packages (which was – I suspect ) at least part of the rationale behind the increase.

Some of my regular clients are buying “bulk” - rather than ordering 5 - 7 times a week :slight_smile:


Yep. It’s been a month or more with no sales after years of having approximately 5 orders daily :disappointed_relieved:

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something must have gone wrong only increasing processing fee will not lower down your sales to 0
have you updated your gig tags recently ? or any changes to gigs

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