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Sales in queue -1 what it means?


I don’t understand, how come my sales in queue is showing -1, is it a technical error OR a new update?


Wow that’s interesting! Never saw this before.


Did you ask support about that? Probably a bug.

Exactly. after your "-"revenue now this is another one.


As an inherent mathematician, what it simply means is that you owe fiverr one order. So, go ahead and place an order for a gig (feel free to order my gig and test out this theory…:blush:), and you’ll be surprised what follows. Thank me later!!!


By the way, I might just increase my gig price to $40 to meet your “budget”.


Yes, I reported it with the support center but when they checked it my order was completed. So they didn’t did anything :frowning:


Yes, I reported it with the support center but they can’t be able to help anything as order was completed when they checked it.


I wish if you I could :slight_smile:


I have 100$ as well you can try something big :stuck_out_tongue: