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Sales in Queue? OPPS wrong area? I thought I was in BUGS


Is it delivered orders waiting for acceptance and pending orders? My numbers never match.


This is just a bug that has happened in the last few days. Previously, the numbers always matched but not lately. I hope they’ll fix it soon. In the meantime, you can just disregard it, I think.


So, in my case, the number under “Sales in Queue” is open orders + delivered orders + pending orders. So, right now, I have 28 open orders, 14 delivered orders, and 1 order pending), and the “Sales in Queue” number shows me 43.

That said, it’s not actually an accurate reflection of the sales in the queue, is it? So…yeah, hopefully they fix it so it either has a different name or it tells you how long your queue is.

It is probably just a bug. If it’s really bothering you, I would suggest contacting CS and asking them to “reset” your numbers. I did this recently because all of my numbers were off (revenues, orders in queue, every number on the manage orders page, etc.), and they just did some sort of reset that corrected everything. It might fix this issue.


I was just hoping it was a bug and not that because of all the changes, I wasn’t missing orders on my to do list or something more serious.