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Sales not quite recovered since June?

Hi Fiverr’s

I’m quit keen to know if any sellers that experienced a dramatic drop in sales around this June ever fully recovered. I would say that I personally was on the up and up every month until the IPO happened. I’ve tried subtle tweaks but nothing is quite as it was. This includes all the quality of requests in my inbox. This is not the case for everyone. I’m 100% level 2 and still can’t seem to get it up to the same level as it was. Even added a new gig to spice things up. However I did only start March 2018. Take away existing clients it would be even worse. Wondering if anyone has seen an impact because Fiverr may have put more predominance on certain metrics.


Hi Steve, July saw a slight drop but August was excellent for me. This month I was away for ten days so I can’t say what happened but it’s down for me so far. That could be due to the absence I took.
I’m probably not a good one to answer this since so much of my sales are from repeat clients.


This month is very slow for me.
Worstest month in 2 years

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to be honest the last 2 months have been a disaster… I dropped my basic price for a while to 5$ so I can have a few orders and of course that led to a few difficult 5$ buyers that expected the world for the basic package… let’ s say that it’s not that important however… there are no improvements as I can see at the moment …

The problem is that we have to maintain some standards BUT if we don’t have orders how is that possible ?


I don’t think that the IPO had any effect on Fiverr, At least, not operationally. However, the same period was when gigs started getting moved to the last search pages and other search craziness ensued.

This month will likely be my best since June. I don’t think this is coincidental given my big gig revamp. I’ve had more sales in the past week on a gig which was getting zero new orders for weeks previously. My inbox messages also seem to be of a higher quality since I raised my prices. Overall, though, my Fiverr sales have been on a decline since May last year.


@cyaxrex Your creativity really shows in both your gigs, the images and the projects we can see you have completed.


I’m not sure I understand? I hate my portfolio! Are you seeing something I’m not?


June - September has been solid this year, but they weren’t as good as June - September 2018.

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Now if we could see the actual figures on these graphs :face_with_monocle:

Cy the portfolio images showing that you did for clients. They are creative.

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Lol! I just throw in free images wen I have a suspicion a buyer won’t be happy. It throws them a bit for six. I really have a few templates I reuse and change up a bit.

Honestly, I didn’t realize so many of these appeared in my profile. Now I guess I might ake them standard. :wink:


This kind of makes my point. That improving the gig and raising prices seems to be the untold metric. I would like to say it’s because of an influx of sellers from other countries. But, some of what I do is not common - and even if this were true this influx would no doubt re-sell my gigs, but obviously their not!
So I have to conclude that simply buyers are elsewhere.

I raised my prices at the end of May and been pretty steady ever since.


I raised and dropped my prices since Jun, but with the same word count. Waited a couple of weeks then changed em’ again . Nothing attractive to new buyers.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a straight line tradectory upwards or downwards for that matter. It’s always a yo-yo :joy:

There is something holding us back. The usual ping-pong effect you get when you get sales and they transfer to 5 star ratings. Pushing your visibility up enough to keep it steady seems to be gone. It seems waiting for your turn on the algorithm :racehorse: to favor you every 4 days is the only motion.

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Had an upsurge in sales since the start of August. Trust me, July was totally my worst month this year. On the average, I have converted almost every message into a gig and made more sales reaching into the five figures zone.

Conclusion: Great month so far.

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For an update, no, I haven’t recovered since sales took a plummet in June. For fun, I’ve decreased the prices on my holiday gigs, but still no bites. I guess I’ll have to revamp my writing gig, as $50 isn’t attractive to most buyers, let alone the 3 different packages. I had zero sales for 2 weeks in June. Let’s see what happens this month!