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Sales Occur Wayyyyy too fast


Let me start off by saying that I have never placed an order here before, but today I placed one by mistake…what a shock.

I was logged in and on the front page of Fiverr. I moved my mouse over to the right side bar to click one f the sections to do a search. Unfortunately I clicked the mouse too soon and hit one of the ORDER NOW buttons right next to the side bar. I thought “oh well…no big deal…I’ll just say no when the confirmation prompt comes up” That is because I expected a prompt like “Do you really want to buy NAME ORDER HERE” and then you select YES or NO. Well, to my suprise instead of seeing a confirmation screen I saw a “Your purchase was made” screen… My jaw hit the floor… I was like “WAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!” I left a message to the seller and apologized and asked for a cancellation. Immediately $5 disappeared from my account. Now I have to wait to hear back from the seller. This could all have been averted with a confirmation screen. For Pete’s Sakes…Every online entity has a confirmation screen.


I wouldn’t want another step in the order process personally…but that’s me. Also remember, your order is faster because you didn’t have to log into paypal you had Fiverr moneys on hand :slight_smile:

Finally, get buying to my fiverr selling, peacenic brother!

We need to support our community by being both sellers and buyers.


Well, the Seller was nice enough to cancel the order so that worked out OK. But they really should add a confirmation page. Everybody now should know to watch where the click.


Well, the only time a confirmation comes up, is if you ordered a gig from that same seller once before. Then Fiverr thinks it was an accident and ask if you want to order again, or if it was by mistake. I had the same suggestion about an confirmation, but people are sometimes easily influenced. They may click to order, then once a confirmation pops up, they think to themselves “do i really want to order this? maybe I can wait.” If gives them too much time to think. lol So I agree with AF. :slight_smile:


Wow! I completely I agree. I never even noticed that there wasn’t a confirmation. I have gotten a couple sales from people who said they accidentally ordered. Now I know why. I think one more step in the process of confirming the buyer for sure wants the order would be very helpful for things like this (and will possibly free up more time for fiverr support staff!)