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So Now what happened with all of your sales? Increased or still same situation?

Mod Note: This comment was made as a reply to a user who left Fiverr and the thread was 3 years old. The replies applying to Jan 2017 have been preserved in a new thread. For reference, the old post is here.

One month of Fiverr 3.0 and my sales [ARCHIVED]

You see what kind of commercial they just produced? Thats where the profits are going. In one way , great commercial… In another way , totally inappropriate for this platform omg.


Since this is a necro thread started 3 years ago - this user who started it seems to be gone from the site.



But what he wrote is still available for anyone who want to earn money from online. Fiverr pushed out a lot of hard working sellers. For example, even if I started with Fiverr and in some months I’ve got some important revenues, since Fiverr 3.0 update, I was pushed to search on other websites and… guess what: the same or more earnings can be obtain from their (Fiverr) main competitors…

Fiverr choosed to favour a few sellers from each category, because they thought that they ensure some HQ services, but this was a catastrophic move. Same philosophy is applied to this forum: here are writing usually the sellers who are favoured via featured gigs in hope to grow this forum (community).

Lots of fake services are dominating Fiverr, and the influence is seen including here, where many sellers, who sell fake services, are trying to create a fake grow for this forum. You can’t say a forum is growing with same 20 or 35 sellers who write just to create some content and to ban/flag any post who not obey to Fiverr staff wishes… To engage new members and grow a forum you need hot content, maybe viral, but… I repeat: what can you ask from sellers who know just to sell & create fake services?


The forum is growing. This is clear to see from the number of both experienced and new sellers who have not engaged before beginning to post and comment here. As more people become familiar with the system they will begin to engage more.

The forum stats back that up and if you are on the forum regularly then you will notice different people popping up all the time. The stats show constant increases in the number of new users, weekly user visits, weekly comments, weekly topics created, likes and every other relevant stat. Where are you getting your info from because it is simply incorrect?


As far as I know they are an Israeli company.


It’s never a good idea to put all the eggs into one basket.

If one source of income works well the next thing I am doing is looking for the next one to replace it, because everything will come to an end.


I went to your gig page and I read “aeiou280 doesn’t have any Gigs to display.”(* see mod note on top post)

What’s going on? How is that possible? Gigs are supposed to be on display even when you’re on vacation, buyers can click the “notify me” button.

Still, I’m in the same boat. Today is January 11, I have only made $300 this month. That’s not enough. I used to make $1,500 a month, sometimes $1,800. This month I’ll be lucky if I make $900. Fiverr is forcing me to look for another job.


Fiverr is an Israeli startup, however, they do have offices in New York City, and they employ Americans. Are those the one screwing things? Fixing things that aren’t broken? I know sometimes the page goes down and I can’t access my gigs.

Still, some changes are good. When Fiverr started, everything was $5 and there were no gig extras. Imagine, back then you had to do 100 orders to make $400.


Perhaps you are doing something wrong - the quality of your work is great, but maybe you will need to look at other things, such as marketing, pricing strategy etc… I am saying this as one of your peers, a copywriter, won’t name him here, makes well over $100k here. There’s no reason for you to earn so less, I feel, considering your talents. (By “less” I mean US or Western standards, by Indian standards you are doing great.)


I don’t know what to do. I tried raising prices and it didn’t work. It’s 11pm, I’ve just gotten my first order of the day, it was from a repeat customer. Ironically, I’m finding myself on the 3rd or 4th row of the search results.

At this point, I’m just going to concentrate on increasing the quantity of sales. My old philosophy of “make more money working less” is dead. Now I’ll be making less money working more, I have no choice.

P.S. I think I know the copywriter that makes over $100k. However, he does long copy projects which are hard, take more time, require a lot more research, and are a pain in the butt, so of course he’s getting paid more.


I have a certain private client outside of Fiverr who orders on a daily basis. The prices I handle for him consist different variables.
When it occurs that he orders less I raise the price by changing some of this variables in order de meet the minimum amount of money I want to earn with this client. I never heard any complain and sometimes he even tips me nonetheless.
Even better, I never lower this variables afterwards, so when the orders getting larger again I will earn more than I earned from the same amount before it went down.