Sales Sales Sales...?


Last few days back i was so excited that i got more than 150 orders and i was able to complete them before the deadline, that included some with out gigs extras and some with gigs extras, but now things have changed… my sales graph went down drastically… i got no bad comments and no cancellations also… but sales went down and i don’t understand why ? Any body experiencing the same thing here.

Please suggest some tips to improve the sales.



I think it could be because of the holidays. And also some of the new sellers with copy pasting gigs and low quality affecting the reputation of the fiverr. I guess some buyers are turning off that way.


This could just be rumor but I heard others contact CS and one of the answers was that if you get too high of a volume of orders, Fiverr’s system re-sorts you and let’s you get time to catch up on orders while giving other new buyers a chance to make sales on their own and build up a feedback. I am assuming if this isn’t rumor, that this is probably what happened to you.

Also. Fiverr sends out messages from time to time to their mass community of buyers and promotes specific categories, they also run misc. advertising elsewhere on specific categories. This in turn results in a lot of orders.

They promoted a category my gig was in. A simple message was sent out in relation to that category. About 40+ orders were placed in that day alone, all with extras and I had about 20 to 30 messages asking about my services. From time to time also Fiverr mentions but not necessarily features gigs to help them get extra exposure, perhaps yours was in a recent message they sent out.

Just my input :slight_smile:


While you said you got no negatives on the 150 orders. You do have an overall below 100% ranking with over 3000 sales. That meas you have over 60 thumbs down. People have a tendency to look at that.