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Sales slowed down yet still ranking high

I don’t understand what’s happening.

I rank at the top of my niche and offer the most competitive prices. At least 40% cheaper than everyone else on the top few rows.

Yet my sales have slowed down the past week or so.

I seem to be getting like 0 - 1 sales a day of low value basic package orders rather than my usual 5 - 6 of premium packages.

What could have caused my decrease in sales?

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Supposedly there was a recent change in the search function. Give it another week or two, and see if it stays that way.

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What do you mean by a change? When searching my main keywords the gig still ranks at the top so I don’t see why people wouldn’t find it.

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Soooo… This guy is suggesting rankinjg dosen’t matter anymore.

Does this mean that different customers will see the gigs ordered differenty?

When I check in ignognito mode im still at the top.

I would suggest asking on that thread. (Though, it your question might have already been answered in the comments.)