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Sales Stalemated...Any Suggestions?


Hello everyone,

For the past week or so I was cruising along pretty good. It seemed like I had an order a day. Now, despite some good reviews, I am getting nothing. I understand there is probably up and down time, but I want to see if I can push myself back toward an upswing.

I have almost 250 followers on Twitter. Posted my link there, no reply. Posted on Facebook, no reply. Made it known via my blog and YouTube channels…no reply.

What sucks is that, at the moment, my cancellation rate looks a little bad at 26% because I had one buyer who ordered 3 gigs from me…wasn’t happy with the output (even though I delivered on what the gig said) and cancelled. Actually I am the one who suggested a mutual cancellation because I could already tell nothing I could do would make her happy.

In any event…any ideas?


PS: I know they say gigs with videos sell more but, aside from the self-defense gig, I’m offering to promote people on social media and to help them write stories/songs or writer reviews for them. How could a video for a writing gig be visually interesting? LOL


As for the video: make a simple explainer of what you offer… just typography animation with cute transition… maybe even I can help? who knows:) I have one nice gig with matchsticks animation. I had up and downs as well… Mostly if your gig is ok, looks good, valuable - fiverr content editors may give it a higher spot soon.


Reply to @kireno: Thanks! Send me a link to the appropriate gig and I can check it out. I have an idea for what to do for the self-defense gig. It’s just a matter of having the time to do it!


Wow…not only did my sales reach a stalemate, but so did the replies to this thread LOL.

Seriously though…does anyone else have any suggestions?