Sales suddenly dropped


Hello, Sellers.

I have more than 3 years experience in Fiverr and I still cannot understand the avg. customer review placement. This is my second account here. With the first one everything was going great at the begining, but suddenly my sales dropped and I went somewhere down in the avg. customer review placement. Then I made this account, I waited 6 months for my first order and after the first order sales started growing. Now the same thing is happening with the second account just like the first. I have 106 reviews and they are all 5/5, you can see it here - I was on the first page in the avg customer review placement, now I am on the 8th page and I am not getting almost any orders.

Can someone help me to solve this problem? Does someone has the same problem too?



Can you still use your other account?


Fiverr is experiencing issues with their search algorithm so you may be affected by it.

HOWEVER Don’t rely on Fiverr to provide you with clientele. Do your own promoting.


Search the forum for valuable articles on how to promote your gigs elsewhere.


@georgid i know that feeling i actually created a topic here - Anyone Experiencing DROP of sale after this new Patch? strange really don’t know what’s reason until now I am blank.


@misscrystal I cannot use my old account, I have deleted it.


@citation_4seo I am sorry to hear that! I hope that we will find a solution soon.