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Sales suddenly went down? It happens. It happens, it happens! *edited*

Pardon me for repeating “It happens” many times in the title, but it does.

Along with the “I’m not getting any sales, help” thread, the

"I haven’t received any orders for the past so-and-so days, help" post is

another one we see a lot here on the forum.

So, why the sudden drop/stop in the orders, you may ask?

There might be different reasons behind this,

maybe your gig is no longer appearing at the top of search,

maybe your competitors with similar gigs started offering killer deals,

people are simply not in the need for your gigs

right now, it’s vacation season, etc etc etc etc etc.

You did everything you can to get more sales, but still no orders.

All I can say is, it happens. IT HAPPENS!!

Deal with it!! Accept that fact.

There are always ups and downs; the flood of orders and then the dry-up period.

That’s life, that’s business. Yes, business. Remember, there are millions of gigs here.

You are getting new competitors everyday, of course it’s going to effect your sales.

Think about it realistically. Do you seriously think you can ALWAYS get orders constantly and

FOREVER, when HUNDREDS of people are creating new ( and maybe better ) gigs, EVERY DAY here?

I can understand why people freak out. I do.

They join Fiverr, and for several weeks ( or even months), they

get orders almost everyday or every week, and suddenly the orders stop coming.

That is enough to cause panic.

I myself have gone through this “drying-up period” a few times,

but I have worked here long enough to realize that it’s nothing unusual,

and tell myself "Meh, it happens."

Maybe I am able to lay back like this since Fiverr is not my only

source of income.

So what can you do when and if you face this drying up period???

I’m not sure if there is anything you can do.

You can try editing your gigs, promote more.

Look at other people’s stuff and get ideas. ( Don’t steal though)

Keep thinking.

If those don’t work, pray.

In the meantime, walk away from the pity parade and work on other stuff.

Keep calm and don’t panic.

Panicking is the last thing you wanna do in business! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the tips!

Reply to @fastcopywriter: 100% agree with you, I was actually referring to my gig which was not getting enough sales but the latest tweaks brought results so I’m not going to mess with it anymore :slight_smile:

Reply to @d3services: Not necessarily, I haven’t tweaked my most popular gigs in months. I do tweek the ones that aren’t getting sales, and I do replace my gig video from time to time. But when I’m getting sales, I don’t mess with it, and remember htat if you mess too much with it, too often, you might end up taking out something that was working.

To be honest, I noticed that you have to keep tweaking your gig every few weeks or so otherwise it will get unnoticed.

yes. Edit your gigs. See if adding your tags into your text helps you show up in search. And go respond to as many Buyer Requests as you can!

Since I’m seeing “My sales suddenly dropped” posts here and there, maybe I can bump this thread once. :slight_smile:
I wish there was a clear and quick solution for sale drops, but as far as I know, there is a limit to what sellers can do.
Try not to panic, though!

This is true…getting your sales up all the time is difficult. My Business plan writing gigs have had good and bad times but i have learnt to be calm every time the sales are down by concentrating on marketing my gigs widely in social media.

you are right .

Add high quality video in your gig for increase your sale.

super tip.Thank you.

I edited this a bit. Hope it helps!

I work in Animation and 3D, But last few days my order totally zero…:-(( I edit my gig regularly but It’s not effect in my order…

However, Really It’s very helpful post…Thank you so much… :)>-

Editing gigs seems to help. Also I think being online on this site boosts visibility.

I think fiverr is a great place not only to sell things but also to buy things. I recently bought a service on fiverr and noticed my sales seemed to increase after I made the purchase. It was kind of cool being on the other side of the transaction as well.

same happened with me !!! nothing will work right now, fiverr change their search algorithm,

@zeus777, it happens. Sometimes this may be due to you having a few days of no buyer feedback on your page… This can affect it, I also realized that if you lose even the slightest rating (like a 4.5 star review for an order)… The next day you will see the slump…

Chin up and keep working hard!


You must edit your gig and do some customization of the gig. THis will help you to get some orders again .



@pintoo0 is very correct “edit and optimize Gigs” !

:-t QUICK TIPS to TRY [for August 2015]:

  1. EDIT GIG COVER PHOTO(S) - (simple and bold works/Professional quality design will help!) @};-

  2. EDIT GIG DESCRIPTION (reduce words/ get straight to point of what Gig offers) or have a “Writer/Sales Writer/Press Release®” correct you Gig for errors/grammar/formatting/content :-@

  3. ADD MORE TO YOUR GIG - offer double or triple the service i.e. “Banner + Flyer Design” (*)

  4. GIVE TO RECEIVE (Invest) - try ordering a Gig for a service you need like “Designer or Writer” to edit Gig etc., that way you’ll know orders won’t have stopped for everyone! They may even then order from you or refer a friend, it will keep Fiver active for a few Sellers immediately. :-bd

  5. REDUCE TURNAROUND TIME - if possible for you to complete orders sooner :!!

  6. ADD UPDATED PORTFOLIO samples or a Portfolio link i.e. Flickr/YouTube/Soundcloud *-:slight_smile:

  7. UPLOAD VIDEO or “PDF” of samples - or contact Graphic Designer to create PDF of recent samples. :)]

  8. ADD NEW NICHE GIGS - add a Gig that isn’t a general Gig, maybe a Gig that was a once Custom Order or Buyer Request. :-B

  9. BE ONLINE - it helps :-c

  10. ALWAYS SMILE with your Teeth when delivering Gig’s :smiley: [MOST IMPORTANT!]

Hope this helps,


@fivergraphics5 great tips and all the best!

Reply to @d3services: I once hired a proofreader to check my gig, I don’t always do that. But good spelling and grammar never hurts.