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Sales suddenly went down? It happens. It happens, it happens! *edited*


Reply to @julipalmer7: Thanks Jules, hope they work for some at least!


Reply to @fivergraphics5: Possibly helpful tips; thanks for these. I disagree with #10 personally. I use an emoji sometimes with a repeat buyer. I would not do it with a new buyer unless they did so first. This post has a lot of emojis so I see you love them, but for some people emojis are like salt. A little is good. A lot ruins the meal. :wink:


Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for the insight FH! #10 only a joke :smiley:


Reply to @fivergraphics5: ;)) :(|) :expressionless: :@) :bz [-X ~:> [-X

I see your emoji and raise you by a few! Kidding back, but one caution is that some readers on the forums (especially new to business or not strong in English) will take every tip seriously. Either way, tips are always appreciated!


I’ve seen a lot of people saying that their sales have gone down.
Mine has gone down a bit too, but again, it happens. It’s the holiday seasons, some gigs get more attention than others. :slight_smile:


Not getting orders as expected. Also, the buyers are not responding anymore.


Thanks for the tips!


Reasons for sudden drops in sales:

  1. You gained level 1, which means you’re not a “new” seller anymore, and Fiverr stopped flooding your gig with traffic to get you established.

  2. Your friends and family already paid $5 each to pat you on the back.

  3. You’re not doing your own advertising outside of Fiverr.

  4. Your gig stinks. Seriously: just because you create a gig doesn’t mean it’s going to sell. Either your gig is too niche to appeal to a broad audience, or else nobody - and I mean nobody - wants to see their message written across your backside while you dance in your bedroom. shudder


Since I’m seeing a lot of “my sales have dropped!” posts a lot, I’ll bump this again.
Hopefully this can give people some ideas.


Yeah, mirrored my thoughts. Great tips.


Sometimes sales are just delayed for no reason. Supply and Demand. The demand may have just decreased for the present time.