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SALES TAX in some US states, and VAT numbers, when to use them

Please read through this page so you are familiar with sales taxes (new laws in many states), and VAT numbers— where to use them:

Due to new US tax laws, if you’re a Buyer located in the US, you may need to pay state Sales Tax for services bought on Fiverr. If you are located in the US, you may be required to fill in your ZIP Code at checkout and see a new pricing component on your payment page.

This tax is applied only in certain states in the US:

Alabama - AL Louisiana - LA South Dakota - SD
Arkansas - AR Maine - ME Tennessee - TN
Colorado - CO Minnesota - MN Texas - TX
Connecticut - CT Mississippi - MS Utah - UT
District of Columbia - DC Nebraska - NE Vermont - VT
Hawaii - HI New Mexico - NM Washington - WA
Idaho - ID North Carolina - NC West Virginia - WV
Indiana - IN Ohio - OH Wisconsin - WI
Iowa - IA Pennsylvania - PA Wyoming - WY
Kentucky - KY Rhode Island - RI

Not all purchases I’ve made on Fiverr have included Sales Tax. Why is this?

The Sales Tax will be calculated according to your billing address, your relevant state tax laws, and the type of service you’re purchasing.

Not all states tax the same services, and not all states have the same rates.

I’m not located in the US, but my country also charges Sales Taxes. Will I be charged?

Fiverr does not collect Sales Taxes from Buyers located in other countries at this time, although this may change in the future.