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Sales went from 5 to 7 orders per day to 2 sales per week

Has this happened to other sellers? I have been selling on Fiverr for 4 years now and before this past month, I was getting over 50 sales on average per week. Now, I get only 2 to 3 sales per week.

My question is: why is this happening? Is it because there are more sellers and gigs here that ever before?

Has this happened to other sellers? How can we increase out sales again?

It happens every where dear, not just on fiverr. Every business has its dull moment. Just keep doing what you do and it would pick up before you know it.

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What is your response rate and on time delivery rate?

The response rate is another issue. My response rate has dropped from 100% to 79% and that is very inaccurate. I respond to almost 99% of my buyers in less than 24 hours and my response rate should not have dropped 21%.

My on-time delivery rate is 99%. None of this should lower my sales.

I can’t answer about the number of sales but the response rate seems to be a possible glitch. I’ve now read this several times (starting end Sept) and it’s happening to me.

I first got a message that was auto marked as spam - I managed to unspam the message to get back the reply box and replied as normal. I reply to every message (& replies) promptly, and yet since that odd spam message (13th Oct) my response rate has dropped each day.

It must be a glitch not just because I know I have replied to every message but my response time remains as it was when I had 100% response rate. If I didn’t reply then response time would increase, just as response rate decreased.

My worry is that response rate (which changes colour from a nice green to more alarming shades as it goes down) impacts the account and then therefore where you appear in the search rankings.

It happened to me as well abruptly, starting from October 1st. Like, on September 30th I had 7-9 orders a day and the next day it all went to 1-2. My response rate fluctuates around 87% - 93% my whole time on fiverr, no abrupt changes there and I’ve never noticed any connection between it and my gigs’ popularity. But when it comes to sales, it’s the lowest point in 6 months I’ve been here.

I thought maybe one of my gigs was featured or was put in “recommended” category (I have one that is much more popular than the other ones) and then removed/moved down by the new ones. I mean, I’m out of theories, but this one is as good as any. :slight_smile:

Also, fiverr’s been all glitchy as hell since late August. I had buyers complaining the gig was “unavailable” (while for me it was perfectly fine), messages would disappear or get stuck, etc. So maybe there is general availability problem, as well.


I am wondering if this started with the uk.fiverr that we all are now directed to.

Clear your browser cache and you’ll go back to your regular

The only glitch I’ve encountered on Fiverr is the problem with wrong names appearing on the order queue, but other than that business has been great. Probably this is a combination of your response time (which isn’t hard to fix), a possible decreasing demand for what you’re offering, or a possible increase in competition within your category. The best way to protect yourself against the wax-and-wane of Fiverr’s search ranking whims is to do more of your own marketing outside of Fiverr. Prove me wrong, but if you depend on Fiverr to bring the customers to you, I think you’ll always find that you’ll always have this problem.

I am having the same issue. For some reason my inbox response rate has dropped to 71%. There is no way it should be that low. It has happened in the past week. I dropped 10% and I have responded to everything.

I am having the exact same issue. My sales dropped dramatically since last month, from 9 sales a day to 5 sales a week which is horrible.
I already contacted Fiverr Support because I do not even receive messages from buyers and usually I received so many messages from potential customers.

What I do hope is that it is just a “bad month” and that our sales will increase eventually

Fingers crossed!

I’m also having the name change problem. In “To Do” list it is something and when the order is open then another name. Don’t know why.

Hi. Can you post CS answer on here? I mean, it’ll probably be something generic with no relation to what you were asking at all, but who knows.

Sometimes business slows, sometimes it speeds up. Have you checked your placement in searches/categories? That can really affect sales. If you’re visible on the first page of the category (especially above the fold) then it may just be a slow period. In which case, relax! If you’re not terribly visible, time to play about with your gig descriptions and get more pro-active with marketing efforts.

PS the response rate is a useless, broken metric.

I notice it too and I am based in Jamaica!