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Sales: World domination 21% ( What is your percentage? )

I have been working here for the last 4 years. I am a professional WordPress, developer. My world domination percentage is 21% and most of my clients are from the USA. What you are expertise in and what is your world domination score?

Let’s comment


Mine’s 49% so almost half the world lol


I’ve been stuck at 53% for an age.


Great, I am stuck at 21% from long time.

Amazing domination. Is there anyone who achieved 100%?

I’ve never met anyone with 100% but maybe the forum can prove me wrong.

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@dolly_donut I wish the seller will comment. It would be a rare achievement.

I’m still on the newer end (been Fiverr-ing for a little over 3 months) and my domination is at 3%. Only 1 country has had 1 order, another 5 have 2 orders (mostly repeating clients) and the U.S. has had the largest amount of my orders. Definitely Fiverr is the most popular there. I think it’s super fun to keep track of.
I get excited when I get clients from countries that I

  1. Have not had an order from yet, and
  2. Have not been too.
    I would love to dominate 100% of the world…

18% here, video production.

Top 3 are USA, UK and Canada.

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8% as Social Media Manager.
Top are US, UK, Canada and Australia

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73% for me. I did improve from 62% a year or two ago. It all depends on the type of service you offer I guess.


Good luck. I wish you will dominate 100% of the world.

I think the real question is if Fiverr itself has 100% world domination. I don’t think anyone has bought a gig in North Korea, for example.


Even without North Korea you can have 100%, as there are more than 200 countries in the world, so you would have more than 99.5% if people everywhere else in the world would buy your gig.


If it rounds up, yes. But even then, there are probably other countries where it will be very hard to get a sale. I don’t think North Korea would be the single exception. Fiverr must know, though.

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Interesting idea - who will be the first to sell a gig to space, like for the international space station? That’s another level of domination.

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Till now you are the most dominated seller. Let’s see who beat you. North Korea is a type of country who don’t care anything.

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Your works are amazing. As your service price is above 500$, it’s most popular in USA, UK and Canada. I saw many country clients not interested in the higher budget project. They come here for a cheap price. Your pricing separate cheap clients. Which is good for business.

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@talhamemon1 Keep up your best work. Thank you for your comment.

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Hhahahah We need a client from NASA. People will go to mars and we will work for them from home. What an idea.

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