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Salutations from Romania, Europe


Hi guys,

Just wanted to say “Hi” to everyone, and to introduce myself, as I intend to be quite present around here.
Soo… For now, I admit, I am still working on my profile, it might not be my best one yet. I am a photo editor (for now, I’m aiming for graphic design), I am a beginner, professionally speaking and I am trying to “get out there”… scary, right? :-:fearful:

Regarding the whole “gigs” process, I truly don’t have any questions now, I have to read and see a lot in the academy section and also on this lovely Forum. Actually, I have loads of questions, but not now :stuck_out_tongue:

One question I do wish to ask all of you: How do you establish the price you put on your work? It’s so confusing for me…

Anyway, I salute you and wish you all the best.
Of course, any advice is most welcome, I try to keep an open mind and see things in more than one perspective :grinning:

Cheers, take care!


At the very beginning, price low, and respond to buyers requests. Your goal now is to get your level 1 badge, and, then your level 2 badge. Then your visibility on fiverr starts improving so buyers can more readily find you. At that point, start raising prices to help filter out the buyers who are bottom fishing for the cheapest services.


@newsmike Has said it all


@lindajmauro, @newsmike, Thank you for your replies… I have been tinkering inside my head with the profile and the gig for days, trying to make them better, and I think I can put some ideas in practice!

Have a good day and an awesome upcoming weekend, guys!


Hi @cristinav24 , success in sales.I’m from Romania.


What is the ideal price for the beginners here? I am a web developer.