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Same buyer canceled two separate $5 orders before delivery

What, if anything, can be done with a buyer that has a pattern of buying a gig and within 30 minutes cancels the order before delivery.
I have a suspicion this is a “throwaway” account from a competitor used to sabotage me. The term throwaway in this context is an account owned by someone who doesn’t care if it’s gets flagged or shut down. I have no idea who this competitor might be and I only think this because of the buying/canceling pattern. This buyer is listed as a “top-rated” buyer, has no custom profile image, and there are no details other than the language spoken and a statement that this user does not offer any gigs as a seller on this buyer’s profile page.
Is this type of behavior not allowed in the terms of service? This is behavior frowned upon? It seems like an abuse of the system.
Should I do anything? If so, what?


In my opinion, this is a growing problem. Every single one of my best selling gigs has been going great. Then I get sudden bouts of ‘I ordered by mistake, please cancel.’ Then formerly best selling gigs wither and die.

What I do now is simple:

  • Reject any cancellation request
  • State in your rejection that you appreciate it is not the buyers fault, however, cancellations like this adversely affect your ratings and workflow
  • Finish by informing your buyer that you have forwarded their order to CS to cancel. This way, CS can look to make sure that orders aren’t being placed maliciously
  • Then contact CS with the order number, explain your suspicions, and request that the order is cancelled but that it will not affect your ratings

CS will respond by saying something like ‘every cancellation will affect your stats.’ However, CS may investigate the matter and even if they don’t, you will have sent anyone placing and cancelling orders with you on purpose a message. Namely, one which says, "start sweating punk."

Be careful to not directly accuse your buyer of any wrongdoing. Word any communication politely and like a standard message you would send to anyone when this happens. People who genuinely place orders in error will not feel offended and may order more responsibly in future. Conversely, when a buyer is placing and cancelling orders on purpose, they will respond with insults, threats, and protests. Just ignore those.

Lastly, when CS does cancel the order, go to the buyers profile and block them.

In short, embrace your inner gig security guard.


They need to show on each buyer’s profile along with the reviews they have left for sellers, the cancellations and dates of cancellations, with a way to block them from buying.

This is helpful information. Thank you!

You are welcome! No solution works 100%. However, sending out a clear message that you are not a pushover can do wonders.