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Same buyer order multiple gigs?

I’m still relatively new to Fiverr, so can’t yet add gig extras or increase quanity etc.

I do translation services, and just had someone buy 17 gigs to translate a document for them. Once the document is translated, what do I do? Upload it 17 times so that each gig can be marked as completed, or is there a way to upload it only once and mark all the gigs as complete? I’m already stressing out as I only have 4 days to do it…

Thanks a lot.

Just upload it to 17 gigs… Simple and perfect method :wink:

The best way to upload all the stuff on all 17 orders


You can upload the files to any one order and give the order number in other orders. But I suggest you to upload the files to all 17 orders.

Reply to @glowindia:

it’s the same 2 files though. I would have to upload the same 2 things 17 times?

Upload it to all orders. There’s no other way unless you want to just hit Delivery button on the remaining 16 orders, which would be “empty delivery”, and that is against the Fiverr rules.

I would also make sure the you have them numbered on the outside of the file, that way the client knows what they are looking at before they even open it. Congrats on such a big order!

Reply to @dominicoben: Yes… You need to submit all files on all orders.

Because some customer are not good with computer and if they don’t find the files (because for new person its hard to find right order page to download files if they place more then 10 orders) then it’s super high ratio to get negative feedback. And then if you will contact Customer Care then they will unable to help you to remove negative reviews.

So Don’t give a chance and Submit files to all orders and also write proper instruction and request for positive review on each order. If customer give you positive review on each order then it’s really helpful to for your fiverr profile. That’s why don’t think it’s a headache… It’s a change to increase the number of positive reviews.

Yes upload it 17 times, you’ve been paid for 17 orders so it’s your duty to deliver every gig :stuck_out_tongue:

You can upload it on the first gig and in rest 16 gigs, you need just write that:

"I delivered your … at the first order. here : (Link to the first order)"

or you can upload your product on a thirst party and give a link on 17 orders.

why would a buyer order the same thing 17 times? Could it be buyer pressed it accidently (site glitch, page not moving forward etc…)

yes, it’s $5 x 16 times extra for you. But did you not wonder why would someone order the same thing (I am assuming it’s the same translation as you have mentioned same 2 documents) 17 times?

What I think he means Burtkohl is he can’t add extras for large orders. So for example if he translates 1000 words for $5, this person may have asked him to translate a 17,000 word document thus buys 17x the gig as he can’t add an extra for a larger document.

I would suggest to just upload the same finished document on each gig.