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Same description on new account

Hey guyz!
I have created a new account by deleting previous. I wanna know that can I use the same description on new account’s gig? Even though I have deleted gigs of previous account before deactivating it.


Just out of curiosity. Did you get approval to do that from CS?


Yes, it is possible to delete account and make new one, but on new email.

Can you tell us why did you delete the previous account please!

I was not receiving orders. I only received one order just with 4.7 rating

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How old the account is?

I had Created in 2019

This can be done. I deleted my old (newly created but bad username) and ask the CS for assistance as well.

recreating one won’t get you more gigs, in fact you previous one might be better.


But can I use the same description and keywords on new one? Because it was ranking my gigs on old account.

Your old gig was ranking because of the review (which you deleted), and possible “favorites” by others… your new one will rank lower. Bad decision.

You cant use old account gig info. You have to alter it.

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I have also created in 2019 and it is same like you. So, what is your suggestion?