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Same gigs listed multiple times?

I check my gig position fairly regularly by typing in probable search phrases but have noticed that some sellers seem to have their gigs appearing in the listings twice with the same gig. I thought Fiverr does not allow a seller to create gig copies? This means my gig, along with many others, are being pushed down the list. Any thoughts please. Not having a rant, just a bit confused. :neutral_face:

I do not check my gig placement often, but I seem to remember once that one of my gigs did appear twice on a page. I think it must be a :bug: bug!

Sellers are not allowed to copy their own gigs. In other words, sellers can’t have multiple gigs to offer the same service.

Also they are not allowed to copy someone else gig.

If you face one of these 2, or both situations, contact customer support and report such sellers. You can also use the “flag” icon to report them.

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I totally agree and know you can’t do that but I have just looked up VO gigs on my phone now and there are at least three sellers listed numerous times with the same gig. One offering German VOand another Dutch and a US lady. Perhaps it’s a glitch but it appears like that on my tablet too

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Its not bug because your gig rotate page to page within seconds.

Perhaps I will ask Fiverr support. Maybe. Will check if it does the same on my laptop too. Wouldn’t mind if it were my gigs were being shown multiple times :grinning::grinning: