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Same ID verification 2 different account it is possible

I’ve verified my id in my previous account some reason I want to change my Fiverr username or brand and its possible to deactivate my previous account and I want to create a new account and verify my same id in my new username account it is possible, please suggest

You cannot have more than one account. I would assume, if you verified one account, Fiverr would not accept you verifying another.

I don’t see anything wrong with your current Fiverr username that would require you to create a new one. Your username is not your brand. Your brand is how you present yourself and your services. For example, my username is “jonbaas”, but my well-known brand (in my Fiverr services) is “The Brand Man”. Your username, as I see it above, isn’t going to earn you more or less orders. A different username is not going to make you any more successful.