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Same ip (family 2 member want to create fiverr account in similar sector) is it possible?

hi, i am a new seller in fiverr. i am already work graphic sector in fiverr. But my Younger brother want create a fiverr account similar graphic design sector same internet connection? is it possible? or have other any idea?


Contact Customer Support and ask them for permission.

However, keep in mind that they usually don’t allow two or more accounts from the same household offering similar services.


Suggest you contact Customer Support for permission before you do this otherwise both accounts are likely to be disabled.


No rule agaist it, but Fiverr detects more users with the same IP and will block them.

You or your brother will need to ask CS first and submit any identity documents (which ones, like passport/ID/license will vary by country) to prove they’re another person if and when they ask them.

From a previous post I made:

Multiple accounts for one IP: :x:
Multiple IPs for one account: :white_check_mark:

From our moderator, wp_kid:

“You can use your Fiverr in Different ip/device. Also, need to be sure that anyone else is not using their Fiverr on your office PC. Multiple account login from the same device will make an issue”.


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a good idea is to contact Customer Support and ask them for permission.


Here’s what CS replied when @vickiespencer asked them the same question a couple of weeks ago:


Thank you so much for sharing this.


@ahmwritingco I knew this info would come in handy on the Fiverr Forum.

At one time my husband, Rob was in my profile picture an he was mentioned in my profile description as working for with me. I had to delete him from my profile picture and write up before he could begin to make his account. Note that my account was only in my name and was not a team account.


Hey, I had no idea that your husband now has an account of his own! What is he selling? Sorry if it’s too personal, I just thought that it might give people a better idea about what’s allowed.

He is a professional photographer with a Masters and Craftsman degree from the Professional Photographers of America. He has judged many national photographic competitions. Plus, he has helped his artist friends improve their paintings by making suggestions. He is going to make a gig offering to critique of photographs and paintings intended for completion. One of his friends had a painting she shared with him, and he told her he could not see where the light was coming from, so she corrected that and ended up winning $50,000.

Right now we are trying to figure out what subcategory to put his gig in. :thinking:

I am a proofreader so that service will not conflict with what he offers. He also has an English degree and loves to read, so Beta Reading may be something he will try.


I asked the same question to fiverr team , they replied we can use multiple account from different divices but those shouldn’t be in same category.

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