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Same IP Two Fiverr profile

I am working last 3 years in fiverr. Now I am joined Local software company. My colleague He want to work full time on fiverr his own profile. He also my room met. but we use same internet (same IP).will it harmful my fiverr profile?
Thank you


Can you Explain about “Makes room” ?

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. :thinking:

There were a few forum posts in the past about people getting their accounts banned due to operating more than one account from the same PC (even if the other accounts belonged to different people; even if the other accounts had different payment accounts connected to them). I am not so sure about it though.

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Not same pc, Just same IP

Would Fiverr be able to differentiate that? If it is the same IP address, and if Fiverr has no way of telling if the different accounts are being accessed from the same PC or from different devices, there is a chance they might presume that it is from the same device. That’s the reason why I mentioned “from the same PC” in my prev. message because I think that is what Fiverr would think, too. I don’t know lol.

I think it is better if you send CS a message about this and get it clarified from them. That is your safest bet right now.


Yes, I agree with @hanshuber16 . Please do check with CS first. It was a problem for quite a few sellers in the past. Many seller couples got at least one of their accounts, if not both banned (despite having two separate accounts) because they were using the same IP address. I believe you will have to write to CS and get permission from them to use the same IP address if you have more than one operating account.


Thank you @hanshuber16 and @maanza_55


Definitely clear that with support first.
You risk your account being banned else, especially if your friend would offer similar services, and as he’s your colleague, I guess he’d offer his gigs in the same category as you.

Note to anyone else reading this: This does not mean it’s safe to have 2 accounts in 1 household/using the same IP, but people who live together/are married have posted that they were allowed to have one account each if they don’t offer similar services, so even if you prove you are family or whatever it still might mean you can’t offer the same service.
With such things, always ask support and don’t rely on forum advice, as they may decide on case by case basis.


Yes Don’t use same in in 2 different Fiverr account.

You can use 2 Fiverr profile at same IP, my sister and I use our accounts on one IP we have permission from CS, they told that you can use 2 different accounts on the same IP but the services you offer should be different.

But that was 1 year ago, so ask CS for confirmation.

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If it is then it’s great.!