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Same Laptop IP Different

I want to cell my old laptop now and want to get more good quality laptop i can purchase now for it.
so the problem is i want cell my laptop to my neighbor and he have also fiverr account
so if he start using his account on my laptop with his own internet connection ( IP )
then will fiverr say Its my another account ? as he will use my laptop but IP will be different.


Of course not.

Your neighbor already has his own account, IP, email and payment method in his name here, right? If so, there is no issue with them buying your laptop and using it for their account here.

I would hope you are wiping the hard drive though, so that your neighbor cannot get any personal information or passwords you may have stored on this laptop.


Thanks For replay first of all

and my plan is to give him laptop without hard disk i am not worry about him. I am worry about fiverr because someone told me that if Someone else will use your laptop for his account then fiverr will detect it as your 2nd account as by mac address of Laptop. Like fiverr detect 2nd account by mac address

i am not good in English but i hope you got my point

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Nope, this shouldn’t be a problem as @genuineguidance said.

For all I know, I could be using a laptop that was once used by another Fiverr seller! As long as you don’t have 2 Fiverr account or you’re not pretending to have the identity of someone else, you should be perfectly fine.

There’s some people on Fiverr who only use public laptops, so many people will constantly be logging in and out of those, and it’s not a problem.

Hope this helps! Thanks!


Actually i read somewhere that we should delete all things about fiverr in laptop so my plan is to do not cell my laptop with Hard disk. so in this way no chance that he can get my any information but i am worry about one thing and that is mac address of my laptop because i am thinking may fiverr detect my neighbor account as mine 2nd account with mac address of laptop

As Mac Address will be same if i cell laptop so fiverr will see that this is 2nd account of same person which will be my neighbor account in reality

So what do you think about that

I think you are “overthinking”. Even if you sell this laptop with a hard drive, you should be OK. Just erase all your information on the hard drive.

I do not know where you are hearing this information from, but, it is wrong.


You do not have to worry about…