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Same persons gig promoted twice at top of rankings. (fiverr 3.0 algo change)

So, as you know the search rankings are different for every buyer that looks on the site now… I asked a buyer to search for my gig on the marketplace and tell me where I ranked.

What I saw was that the full top row was promoted gigs. The thing is though one guy had a promoted gig on the top row than the same gig on the second row. I can’t believe they gave him two slots for one gig. I’ll attach the image here

It’s the guy called ********** he has gig ad on top row then his gig on the second row.

see the third slot on top row and first slot on second row.

This seems unfair for his one gig to be taking up two whole slots at the top. If I made two gigs of the same service to fill up two slots I’d get in trouble.

Tempted to pay for ad slots myself to do the same thing but I heard of people losing their gig ranking due to some kind of glitch after promoting their gig, so I’m hesitant… I only have promoted gigs on ones that dont rank well.


Mod edit: calling out other users, no matter what the context, is not allowed. Username and screenshot removed.



This is actually excellent.
The biggest worry about using promoted gigs was that it could push you out of organic search.

This means his gig is performing well enough to be on the first page organically plus he is also paying the highest for his ad visibility.

Thank you for sharing this because this is great news to all who are wondering whether to test Promoted gigs or not.

If you have promotions available for those that do not perform well is it a good thing?

I only have promoted on my best gigs that are already always on the first page.


I’d promote my own but I’m really worried about losing my ranking as I’ve heard it happening to so many sellers after promoting theirs… Really scared to attempt it on my highest earning gigs.


Well, you are making my yearly income in a month so it makes sense not to risk.

I hope and dream to have that kind of income here.

I just started with promotion and it is my best-selling gig but best-selling means barely food money so…

But I also noticed something interesting.

I was searching for something and Google search gave my Fiverr gig on first page results.

I saw my design and I was like, someone stole my design, only to see the link is for my gig…

Hoping for some big change.


Oh so sorry for posting usernames didn’t realize that was banned… Only just started using the forum


Hey @nomadsolutions

I see our extended conversation and my numerous replies on my thread have done very little for you.

You are looking at this from a flawed perspective.

If you need to re-upload the screenshot, remove all usernames.

From what I saw you were in the top results, only topped by those who are paying for ads.

:arrow_right:See Forum Rules, Fiverr ToS and a summary of Community Guidelines .


My understanding was that you thought your ranking was bad, so in that case: what do you stand to lose?


Man sorry, I’m just deeply paranoid about losing my only income… Desperately searching for answers lmao…


You say that, but adding “lol” and “lmao” is what I find confusing.

Anyway, I think you won’t find a solution by panicking.

Best of luck, please read the forum and community guidelines, I see my links were not clicked as of yet.


Checking other people’s ranking won’t give you the income you want.

Try to improve your services, promote them outside of Fiverr, diversify your income :slight_smile:


Just lightening the mood G,

Maybe it’s just a slow week and I’m panicking over nothing lol… I can deal with a drop in income as long as I get enough to survive. Yeah it will SUUUUCK but at least I’ll have an enough to get by while I work on diversifying. Will have to wait until near the end of the month to see what the damage is…

With the gig promo… I don’t want to risk it cos my gig is still ranking high for some people. I don’t want to lose what little buyers I’m still getting by messing around with my gig. I already changed the title and tags in panic mode and realized aftwerwards how stupid that was but it hasn’t seemed to affect ranking thankfully.

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This is a thing I see and in my experience, while it may work on other young, Hipster types, it is not only confusing but really off-putting for older or more experienced people who work on clear communication, not some veiled undoing of the words just used by the obscure obfuscating “hehe” every time a statement is made.

Be constant and grounded in yourself. That is a key in any craft that becomes a business.

Sometimes you have to “wing” that confidence but if you have a stance, a position, take it clearly - or be clear that you are unsure. All that so, lol, hehe, lamao, just saying, every few lines is undoes the sense of being solid.



I think maybe because of Easter - Long holiday?
I get less order this week too.

In time like this, we seller need focus with marketing, check and improve our gigs.
Always do best what we can everyday and we will got the best result too :slight_smile:

Wish you luck.

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That’s actually something we need to be doing all year round, not just during downtime.

Marketing should be a constant effort, not something we turn on every time there is a dip.

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Yeahhh I think you’re right… Was just a bit jarring after weeks of crazy sales numbers… Changed gig title etc. seems to have helped. I’m completing orders way quicker these days so it seems like there’s less in my que than usual too. More orders in que than competitors now so probs nothing to worry about now.

Though some of my lower ranking gigs have definitely taken a hit. Luckily not the high earners though.