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Same service but enhanced one level up

I am providing service of ratings and reviews on Google and other websites. But I leveled it up to one step. I am providing reviews from Google local guide accounts. Sticky and by drip feed.

Kindly check yourself.

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So you’re offering “authentic” fake reviews on Google, BBB, Glassdoor, Play store, Zillow, Homelight, Realtor, Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot and many more?

How can you leave an authentic review for someone when you never actually used their services before? nvm

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Sometime it happens that customer don’t leave feedback after chasing them for long. Sending mails, messages and contacting through many more sources.

How other people will know about your service if you don’t have reviews. And trustpilot glassdoor BBB and other websites ask for documentation of the valid proof else they will remove your review.

So we just use that documentation and help the owner to enhance his business.

As if people dislikes the service they left the review in a second. But if they liked it there are less than 10% chances that they will leave a review.

I think you didn’t understand what @j6nyc6 meant. He meant that this service is ILLEGAL.

These type of services are a BIG no-no on Fiverr. It is merely a matter of time before your gig is removed as Fiverr does not allow such services on their platform.

P.S: Just because you come across similar gigs on Fiverr, it doesn’t mean they are allowed.

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Its not that I didn’t get what he meant I have just tried to prove my point that we can help businesses to get reviews by leveraging our services. Of course I’m not entitled to share the method as this is my business secrete and I’m not supposed to revel the exact method. Lets leave this part of legal vs illegal. All the big companies are biased towards their products doesn’t make them LEGAL.

I mean it doesn’t matter if you think it’s legal or not and no matter what secret mechanism you are using. This is literally forbidden on fiverr and you would’ve know that if you would’ve read fiverr TOS. So as @hanshuber16 said it’s just matter of time when they will remove your gig and block your account.


We tried, some people are just stuck in their ways which they are entitled to be. I’m sure the forum can withstand another “My gig was removed and my account banned” post.