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Same Service Gig with different tools

Is this is a good idea to create multiple gigs with the same service but different tools? For example, I am expert in elementor & thrive architect, so should I create two gigs for landing page for these two different tools?

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Yes! Some clients have already their landing pages and/or page builder preferences so they may search for a specific page builder so making a gig for each of the page builders in this case makes sense.

Although paying 2 developer/extended licenses, and I really hope you have the proper license in order to offer those services to your clients, may add up monthly.

If you don’t have a extended/developer license then make sure your clients have theirs as not having could potentially get them into copyright issues.

Question: How can you offer a basic landing page creation when a single license would’ve cost you $49 for Elementor and $19 for Thrive?

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I am not providing license. In my offer that is just the tool name client can use. License is on client side. And for elementor i can use the deafult free version