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Same sub category but different gig

Hi everyone. I have a gig where I offer complete web design + development in Webflow. I want to create another gig of the same thing but instead use Wix instead of Webflow and charge less. since it’s easier. Both of these gigs would fall under:
Programming & Tech > Website Builders & CMS > Full Website Creation

On the second gig, I’d choose platform as Wix instead of Webflow. Does this also go against Fiverr’s TOS? If so, can I just pause the first gig or do I have to delete it altogether?


Since you offer the same service for different platforms, you do not break Fiverr’s TOS.


Hi @figflow,

As you are not offering the same services to the buyer, it will not go against the Fiverr’s TOS. You can create multiple gig under a sub-category, but those services must not the same. If you maintain this there will be no problem.

Thank you.

You can use the same keyword, the same description, but not the same title.

As you are not commitment comparative organizations to the buyer, it will not struggle with the Fiverr’s TOS. You can make various gig under a sub-class, yet those organizations ought not the same. If you keep up this there will be no issue.

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There is no problem. You can create your new gig in same category.

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