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Sample Chasers are bugging me


Hi, i have been on Fiverr for a few months now, i started as a buyer then i became a seller and i am loving the experience so far.

I notice however, that the more popular my gigs become, the more requests i get for free Samples from “potential buyers”. Because my work is specifically easily editable (i create training manuals), i am really not that keen on handing out samples of my work.

I always refer to them to look at my reviews, and sometimes i send pictures of my printed manuals (which cant be edited), but somehow those “buyers” rarely seem to ever buy.

I feel that as a creative person, i am not willing to hand out samples all over. And i am pretty sure that if you are a buyer with even a little creative ability, you can easily finish your own gig from three free samples from different people. I have never told any of them what i suspect because some might be serious buyers, so i continue to be nice.

Just wondered if anyone else had the same problem?




The ones who want samples are not going to be buyers. They target you as a new seller to try to get something for nothing from you.


A lot of sellers do.

You can tell them that you can’t offer a free sample, but you’ll be happy to give them a paid sample for just $15 (make sure to mention what would be included, and what wouldn’t).


I’ve not even been seller on Fiverr a month at this point and I’ve been inundated with requests for rather large ‘samples’ on more than one occasion.

The above screenshot shows one I received literally days after I’d started receiving orders. It’s obvious in cases like these that they have no interest in paying for your services in the future. They just want someone to bend over backwards for the hell of it, over the promise of this mysterious ‘future work’ that never materialises! I’m only thankful that I’ve had experiences outside of Fiverr, and had done research prior to starting freelancing, that made me realise the scam a mile off!

I have, on one occasion, reduced the price of a gig to provide a sample to someone who was asking me to write in a style I hadn’t attempted beforehand. It worked out well and he ended up paying the usual rate for additional assignments, which I was more than happy with!
Would I do it again?
I honestly don’t know. I really enjoyed it on this occasion, but if it becomes a pattern, it can have you vastly undervaluing your services. It’s something to consider, though, especially if you’re just starting out!



Unbelievable. So this person wanted 12,000 words for free from you? That is absolute insanity. How did you reply?


I was so angry when I first read the message that I had to step away from the computer. Perhaps they thought I was new to freelancing because I was new to Fiverr, but even if that was the case, I would have been crazy to accept!

I ended up saying something along the lines of, “While I appreciate that having very few reviews to back up my gig can put some people off, I simply can’t offer my services for free. To do so, I would have to put off a week of other paid orders to fulfil yours, and like you, I have bills to pay”. Kind of passive aggressive, but it got him off my back, so it was a win-win situation! Funnily enough, not accepting his order did nothing to increase or decrease the orders I was already getting. :thinking::joy:


Why did you go all the way to reply a scammer like that. Use something like

No free work, move along now, move along.



My reply to that would have been “Sure no problem, just give me about 30 years give or take and I will deliver what you have requested”


Now this explains why some people ask me for sample(s) of their work, and disappear thereafter :man_facepalming:


You get a few that are genuine, so its best to say no in a nice way, if its possible. The previous comments help alot with their advice on how to help.