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Sample Demanding Buyers

I am Graphic Designer. Sometimes I feel depressed about the buyers demand. As I have joined fiverr this Aug and still trying to grow my business I offer $5 per design. Some people as for sample not my previous work simply a sample about there demand. Now I have to design a sample which takes equal time and effort. And still it is not sure they will buy my gig because they are in contact with 5-6 sellers at a time and just ignore you after they get sample because they have already got the person.
Here on forum we always talk about fake sellers but such buyers also make problems for seller who are keen about the work

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No you don’t. Simply explain that your samples are on your gig page. They know what they are doing, don’t be taken advantage of. Don’t work for free.



Explain that you’re already doing full work at a really cheap price, and if they have any doubts about your previous work, they can refer to your live portfolio.

They ask for specifically make sample of the work they need

Yeah we should :smile:

Good Idea I will try this.

Yes, I know… so they can steal it and not pay you. Here’s what I send when they ask…


Unfortunately, I cannot offer free samples. This is because the amount of time it takes to record a sample is equivalent to recording a 100 word voice over. There are many such requests each week, and often buyers will “shop around” by asking a dozen or more VO artists for a free sample. This creates a lot of unpaid time in the studio, as only one person will be selected for the job.

There are varied samples of my work on my gig page which will give you a very good idea of how it will sound. Additional demos can be heard here:

YouTube demos here:

SoundCloud demos here:

Otherwise, if you still require a sample prior to ordering an entire job, I suggest you select a 100 words from the script and order a basic $10 gig to hear exactly what it will sound like.



Thats Get I will try your idea

I use my logo on Designs as watermark in center :wink: :smile:

Yep, if they won’t pay a few bucks for a legit sample, then you are gonna get screwed anyway. The biggest thing after getting good buyers, is detecting and rejecting those that will waste your time and steal from you.


Learning alot nowadays about fiverr from people like you :blush:


I don’t really see the issue, just respond with a custom quote on the sample work. If the buyer accepts you begin the work if not then start working on another order.

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Very straight forward person

I like that! It’s true but at the same time scary. Especially when starting out. Those first few ratings that you’re working so hard for, you definitely don’t want muddled with a bad review.

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Well said



Love this colorful plaint splatter image!

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