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Sample Demo For Book

Hi. I already have demos, but a potential client wants to hear another sample. They provided me with their script, when I asked. Will it show if someone has ordered any package? Should I wait until they order to do a sample of their book?


Beware of buyers who request samples. There are numerous trickster buyers who ask voice actors to record a “sample” for them before placing an order, but the “sample” is actually the entirety of the audio they want recorded, and once they have the recording, you never hear from them again.

Fiverr notifies you if an order has been placed. No order, no audio is the safest policy, but that’s your decision to make.


If you already have a decent Portfolio that shows your style and quality asking for free test work is unprofessional in the extreme and yes, as already noted, likely dodgy AF.

They can of course order a small package in which you supply their Audition piece. This is working platform not a place for using people like slaves.

The only possible exception could be if it is character work and they want to see if you can deliver the character. The buyer (and they aren’t one of them until they buy something) can either send you a small paid job. Or you could do a bit of the work and post it in your general portfolio as showing character work could be useful for you. They can listen to the new portfolio piece on your YouTube or wherever you put these things (with a watermark).

That latter is a gamble but you get something from it and they get what they (claim to) need.



I refuse to give samples of my work.

Sure, I’ve probably lost business because of it.

But you just can’t trust every Buyer.


Hell yeah you should wait.

No cash = no recording time.

My response would be “sorry, I don’t do custom samples, I wish you the best of luck in finding a seller you is right for you”.

Which is a polite version of “get lost loser, I ain’t doing nowt for nobody for free and you can take a hike if you want me to work for nothing”.

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Thanks for you replies. Ironically, this person is a member here and on has a book on another site I’m registered with. I’m new here so it’s a lessoned learned. Always trust your instincts.

Also, I always send my samples with my name just in case someone tries to use it and make a profit from it.

Slating your work with your name can very easily be edited out. Some users have mentioned of possibly leaving an audio watermark on samples such as an intermittent or continuous sound effect so that the audio cannot be used as a final product, but can adequately demonstrate as a sample.

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What if you post their demo on your profile showing that it’s your work? I assumed all demos sent were watermarked. I had to edit the last message. I know that can be copyright issues. I appreciate your advice.:slight_smile:

Demos and samples are vastly different things. Fiverr does not place an audio watermark on voice over gig demos nor on samples.