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Samples from VO artists

I’ve searched on topics on this discussion but most were pertaining to writing samples so I’m hoping to get some insight from other VO artists regarding this.

I have my demo on my gig but I’m getting quite a few requests for samples. I do understand sometimes the voice the client is seeking might not be displayed but I’m getting quite a few requests for samples. Is this common for VO artists? I have to say, of those I have provided samples, most have not went on to place an order. I would love to know if you are a VO artist do you provide samples or what exactly do you say to the potential client who is requesting them?

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Asking for sample = asking for free work usually.

If you’ve got demos etc.of all your different styles etc. then that should be enough, and you can link to youtube etc. for more portfolio items:


Everything @offlinehelpers said, plus: someone who is serious wouldn’t mind to invest $5,- in order to find the right VO artist. Suggest them to order a gig for test purposes.


Yes it’s common. I usually send them a sample I have on file. A lot of clients are either outsourcing and want to present various voices to their client or they might want to check the quality first before ordering.


These ones I don’t mind…In fact I sent a few files I had of various reels for some clients to play for their clients but I’m getting some for other things such as video games and audiobooks. I even requested a client to place an order but she “just wanted to hear this one line”. I did it and never heard back from her…which is not a huge deal but having several requests like these can be a time zapper.

@offlinehelpers thanks for the tips!

@mariokluser That’s exactly how I feel! Is $5 too much of a risk for getting what you truly want? I think not. I just wasn’t sure how to respond without being off putting.

Thank you all for the responses!


Booth-time is money. If they want a specific sample, that’s a voiceover. No different than any other job in the booth.
I’ll send them a generic if they need something. All too often, on Fiverr, I believe they are after free work. It’s a wild place to work, compared to your normal clientele.


Send a custom offer :slight_smile:. That 1 line was probably the work anyways. It’s sad they wouldn’t be even willing to pay $5 for a quick line. It’s probably best to stay away from those type of clients anyways.


Never fall for the ones that say "Send me samples, I have a ton of work for you."
They love to include these lines or similar to butter up the Artist, promising plenty of work.
Yeah, right! Show me the money, honey! :money_mouth:

People don’t realize Voice over work is very time consuming, recording is easy… But editing takes time.


LOL love your spirit Nika! Yes, I’ve gotten exactly those messages too!! They must see my level 1 and think “here’s a sucker” lol…

I agree editing is the most time consuming part of it all that’s rarely accounted for!

@annai80 Thanks for the tips!


I just give them the url of my gig, and say the gig page has my demo video right at the top, full of a variety of samples for you. (this usually avoids re-selling, because they aren’t going to forward my $5 gig page to a client they are probably charging hundreds for a voiceover)

and as others have said from above, don’t record a sample of their script unless they have paid for it : )

but yeah, these requests are a pain and I don’t think they ever go away no matter what level of seller you are. I get several of these on an ongoing basis and have just made a quick response reply that I can tweak depending on what they are asking for.


I give samples quite a lot but always put a beep over one word so they can’t use it and only do a short line

I do find most are pretty genuine though


thank for the insight! It’s truly helpful! I let a potential client know today that I’m not offering free samples anymore…he bought a gig for a trial run on a project and said “see told you I wasn’t bullshitting!” LOL

Great idea!! Never crossed my mind! Thanks

I agree and I have to set the standard for myself otherwise i’ll sink! Sage advice! Thank you!

I never provide samples without payment. I have links to my demos and voice portfolios.
I pass. As has been mentioned in this thread booth time = $$$.


I always send them my demo reel and direct them to my gig samples, that way they can share my demo with their client (many don’t want their clients to know they are sourcing on fiverr, so prefer not to use fiverr gig videos for example).

If they say they just want a sample from their script to share with the client for that particular job, I say sure, please just order a $5 gig which will be enough to see if my voice works with your script (and send them a custom offer).

I usually also tell them I’ll do their sample that day. If someone wants just one line - I would bet in 90% (maybe 99%) of those situations, that one line is the whole job and they are just trying to get it for free.

Occassionally the person will order the $5 sample and it will be a “real” job, but in most cases they don’t, so I suspect they aren’t genuine and just go to another seller to try get a free sample. But be nice about it, so the ones that are genuine won’t be offended.

Since I added an FAQ to my gig about not offering free samples, I only get asked once or twice a month now, if that :smile:

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I don’t send samples, but I send them to my SoundCloud site, where I have a couple playlists, each with 6-8 different samples. That also gives me an idea if anybody is listening since I see the stats.

When I was new, I did send some samples… But only during the first few months, when I only had less than 50 sales or so.

Like many of the others here, I do NOT do a simple of their script for 98% of the inquiries, and as soon as they say, “I’ll send you lots of work” I know it’s unlikely to lead to anything. If they want a trial I’ll do that for $5, and over-deliver (add a second version with music or do a couple takes on some phrases). I do NOT send them something they could use unless they paid the $5, then I don’t care if they use that…

If my SoundCloud examples aren’t good enough, nothing I send them is likely to tip the scales.

I am adding some additional portfolio samples this week. (Since you now can have three, 3 minute files in addition to your gig video…)



I don’t mind recording demos for my personal clients/on other specialised platforms which enforce standard pricings. But on here… I don’t. I don’t personally record samples.

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I do the same, pretty much every time I’m asked; still being somewhat new, I’m not going to turn down even the possibility of work. I also question what happens if a potential buyer does purchase the $5 gig but then cancels due to not liking my voice? Let that happen a few times and my account #s would be in the toilet. I personally am not willing to chance that.

I think I need to do this! Thank you!

Yup! I’ve gotten quite a bit of this! I think overall it’s better for the client as well so they can have our undivided attention…VS if someone wanted a sample I would likely do it at my own leisure since orders take precedent.[quote=“tee_hi, post:18, topic:120773”]
I do the same, pretty much every time I’m asked; still being somewhat new, I’m not going to turn down even the possibility of work. I also question what happens if a potential buyer does purchase the $5 gig but then cancels due to not liking my voice? Let that happen a few times and my account #s would be in the toilet. I personally am not willing to chance that.

I truly understand…It’s a hard call…I’m nearly at my second month or so on Fiverr and at first I felt compelled to do more than I likely should have. I was even worried about maintaining clientele after I adjusted my word count price, but it truly hasn’t impacted anything for me. I have found most of the time (at least so far) if a client doesn’t care for something they won’t leave negative feedback but just won’t reply at all.

I appreciate the insight and suggestions everyone!