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Samples? is it so wrong?


I’m new to fiverr and would like to ask a question, I’ve had 2 buying requests both are going to go unfulfilled, why is it so bad to ask for a sample of work?

Doesn’t have to be high res I’m not a thief I’m not trying to con anyone out of money I just wanna see what you can do before potentially wasting money…

I have seen a lot of fake accounts on here people claiming they can do work but then not have the skills to do it, even some with high reviews have not been able to do what they’ve said they can… it all seems in my experience to be just templates that they have taken off of a website and just edited slightly to include what I’ve asked for and its not even any better than what I can do…

I’ve had people laugh at me for wanting a sample, I’ve been lied to, disrespected not a great show from fiverr that’s for sure

rant over guess I will just move on and search google for graphics designers

Perhaps you are not but others definitely are - between buyers wanting to get things for free, take templates/ideas from good sellers and use a cheaper seller to edit it to other sellers who are trying to get samples that they themselves can use on their portfolio and pass them off as their own - its too common a practice.

Also, if you are using buyer requests, we cannot send attachments in responses to those so you need to contact a seller you are interested in to allow that to happen. Remember that Fiverr prices are generally extremely low and if sellers were to offer samples to every client who asked for one then we would never earn anything.

My approach to graphics and logos has been to hire a couple of people for $5 concept orders and then choose the best from those for the full job and that has worked well for me.


I get your point but I am no where near good enough to change a low res to a high res image if that’s even possible? I dont mind if its watermarked to hell just wanna see if they understand my idea… especially when people don’t offer many revisions

but the thing is what if you spend that $5 and the work is crap? what do you do then? take it as a loss? so say you do what you said and get 3 sellers that’s $15 ok not much money but it soon ads up if you keep having to do that…

Sorry to hear that you had a poor experience. I don’t know why people laughed at you for showing samples. I design powerpoint presentations so it’s a routine matter for me to show my buyers some sample of my previous work. I always love to show my portfolio because this can help buyers to buy my services with confidence.
You might have contacted a few sellers. I would suggest you to try a few more. There are many great sellers on this platform. I hope you would not regret.

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Getting custom samples is not something you would expect to happen anywhere else surely?
When a lot of people are charging $5-10 for logos, it is hardly reasonable to expect them to first send a sample.
I work in translation and get these requests all the time up to 10 per week - Can you translate this 500 word page “as a sample” - really?
My opinion of those who ask me to do that when my rates are already a third of the industry standard price is not good to say the least - I presume the same applies to logos and graphics.

Well, picking the sellers you try out carefully is key. That is where spending some time on it can come into play. Do some checking out of the people’s portfolio - Right click an image and click Search Google For Image - this will show if the image is used elsewhere on the internet which is a good start to seeing whether it is theirs or not. Steer clear of those showing logos of major brands - obviously.

If I go to an agency for a logo, my initial consultation will likely cost several hundred dollars - consider the difference in hiring 5 x $5 concepts. Nobody likes wasting money but you need to see it as an investment. That said, if you would like me to commend someone I have used, please click on my image and send me a PM.


You are wrong. If you don’t want to spend time, also designers don’t want to spend time too. What if you ask for samples and they work for hours and in the end you don’t pay them ? Fiverr is a platform to work one-by-one projects. If you want multiple samples before you pay, there are other freelancer sites such as 99designs but also on this site you need to deposit the budget and price for graphics is minimum $90 to 250$ or much higher. Sorry if I am not allowed to publish other freelancing sites/names.

in a business environment you always sample work before buying x products to make sure they meet specifications!

say I want to buy a android watch but I don’t want a Samsung one or one of the other branded I wanted a custom one… to start a business… I wouldn’t just go to aliexpress and buy one for £50-60 id see if the seller would do a sample either a recording of what I want or a sample for cheaper than the original cost… this has worked flawlessly in the past for my other business I’m not asking for work for free just a little idea that you know what I want and expect! especially as this platform hosts a wide variety of languages and things can get misconstrued

I’m obviously not going to get anything from here so thanks for your replies

No, I completely disagree with this!
When I buy from people, I respect and value their time. Once I go beyond a few minutes of communication, I will either place the order, ask for a consultation order or thank them for their time and move on if I know it isn’t going to work. This has worked extremely well for me and I have had over 200 successful purchases here in 5 or 6 categories with around 80 sellers. There are so many time wasters on this site it is unbelievable and I feel that if I show people I am not a time waster then it will work out well for me - and it does.

Yes you are.
You are asking for someone to do some work, spend time on it and then you will choose whether to make it worth their while or not! Choosing to work with someone where there may be language issues is something you have to weigh up for yourself - if you choose someone with bad English because they are cheaper then the opportunity cost is that you must spend more of your time on communication. Alternatively, pay the more expensive person with good English and you save your own time.

That is what I have been suggesting and I doubt any sellers would turn that down if it is reasonable.

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That’s a sample that’s been paid for - no problem with that.

What you seem to want is a free sample.

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In other words, you thought you’d get a sea of people agreeing with you, instead you’ve been challenged on your beliefs and this upsets you.

I’m not in the design field so I do give samples. When I edit audio I send them very short snippet of what audio will sound like after so that they can decide if what i can do for them is what they need.

But that example you gave is a poor one. A Android watch costs hundreds of dollars and if broken or damaged can cost way more to fix.

You’re on fiverr. Where everything is dangerously underpriced. 5 DOLLARS. FIVE. To expect Barneys level service for Walmart prices is the epitome of entitled. I have been in your position before. I know what its like when your designs or vision doesn’t really come to fruition the way you wanted it to. BUT if it means that much to you…

  1. Get off fiverr and hire a designer for the standard industry price. Pay their consultation fee that they will charge you for their time and whatever sample they provide. You’ll have one on one access with them to do as many revisions, tweaks, and even brainstorm as much as you like when you purchase the final product.


  1. Pay the 5 dollars to a few sellers, take the ones you like the best, and build off of, or have a higher seller improve that. It saves you lots of money. But its a trade off. You trying to eliminate this tradeoff is entitlement.
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