Sanity vs. Cancellation


I feel like I’m still new here and thus a lot of times I just don’t know what to do. I got an order about 2 weeks ago. Long story, fairly late deadline, for a whole lot of money. Seemed great right until I started writing it. So…I’m more than half way through but the deadline had already expired… the problem is that I got pretty much NO info about the story I was supposed to write. (First I got a character description and the about 5 types or events for ONE single phase in the story as the outline. I have asked for more information but even when I got replies it wasn’t any info on the plot. On one hand I generally pride myself in my creativity but on the other hand I think that when it’s a big project like this, there should be more input from the buyer’s side especially as I was asked to follow the outline. I have asked for 3 more days but im not sure if i will be granted it and part of me doesn’t even care if I end up getting a single one star review… but then the hours I spent writing were in vain. I feel like I can’t do much more than asking for more information when I am so stuck so while I do believe that I’m fairly guilty at being slower (with everything, which makes me quite mad at myself to start with) than I want to be since I started my other job I’m not sure if this is entirely my fault. Should I just bullcrap 12 thousand words more or what? Or should I just give up?
(granted this is not as amusing as the balloon blowing videos but I feel pretty defeated. Maybe someone who had been through something like this has something smart to say :smiley: or not.


The buyer is responsible for providing sufficient required information.

Fiverr advises to start a dispute when faced a situation like this.

You may wish to peruse this article to understand the situation.
Please note: cancellation may affect your gig rating.


12k is a lot to power through. Do you have a swipe file of writing that you can shove in there then change up? I used to do that when I was writing my erotica and the sex scenes got tedious beyond belief to write.

Not quite ethical–DJ has the better response–but it seems your buyer’s making you do all the legwork for nada, so screw it. Don’t forget lots of adjectives, pointless exposition and overly detailed scene descriptions to go! 12k isn’t too bad over 3 days. I could powerhouse it with a crap first draft in one (granted, I’m not exhausted with the story like you are) and then spend the next day tidying it up.

Alternatively, you might want to consider cancelling, or partially cancelling, Fiverr’s awkward way to not-quite-fix this situation.


I think I may end up making the dispute, as I asked for the info numerous times. I did offer to throw in some of my ideas but only after I got no response to ‘what you have sent me will cover about 10 thousand words or less’ but still. I probably should have started with looking up the situation. Thanks for the tip!


Ju got it Kata! :thumbsup:


Nope, not yet, which is my main issue as I honestly considered just taking one of my old fan-writings and changing it up buttt…I doubt it would work well. I can see why you would do that though…,especially with that genre.

Yeah I’ve done that all, probably why I am so exhausted already. It doesn’t feel right either to be honest. Generally I could powerhouse through this, but I’ve lost all my patience with the story and obviously it’s not the only thing I need to write, so I sort of just feel like it’s becoming ‘too much’ (I have much more important orders that I would have loved to get to finally, but this thing happened and the price tag blinded me, Newbie mistake? I will sleep on this tonight but so far I’m not sure if ever want to go on with it. If I get the extension I will try to fight through it but not quite sure if I should :smiley:


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It’s a rather binary choice. Your feelings may tell you there’s some invisible solution, but really there are only two ways forward: 1) Blindly do the work with the little info that was provided. You said yourself that the price tag was big, so maybe it’s worth it to gamble, and maybe do some revisions after he reviews it. 2) Request more info, and if he doesn’t - cancel.

I typically opt for the first choice, but 12k is a lot, so it’s up to you to decide if price>word count. If you have no issue getting clients, might be best to pass. If clients are hard to come by, might be worth sticking by.


Yeah, I sort of know this already but I always try to find the ‘easier’ way. It IS a lot of money for me but I’m not sure if I’m up for the stress currently. I asked for more info and I ended up with about half a scene described, one plot point and some names of drinks… Starting to think that me and the boyer just aren’t on the same page on this. I have no issues with clients coming lately, BUT I have already written 13 k words…which is the main reason to why I’m reluctant to cancel… it’s a lot…


By the sounds of it, I don’t think he much cares about it, and just needs it done. Some people opt to have someone else do the job so they don’t have to worry about it. I don’t know the specifics, but this sometimes happens. If this is the case, you can get away with not being perfect - just getting it done might be good enough. Might be worth sticking with, but again, I don’t know any specifics.


Yeah either that or - my other idea - is that his English isn’t the best and he genuinely has no idea what I requested. Which is not necessarily an issue as long as something like this does not arise:D I decided to be a hero and type it down. What’s the worst that can happen?


Actually you can “deliver” anything (hlf, draft, any relevant or irrelevant file) so that the order will not be marked as “late” automatically, explain the situation to buyer and then discuss with him if they want to cancel the order or proceed with struggling.

Also yes, if they don’t care much about the text, why should you? Maybe what you consider bullcrap is perfectly fine for them?


I explined about five times already and all I ever got was maybe half of a snippet for scenes I’ve pretty much already done :smiley: But yeah, I will probably end up asking what’s best for all of us… or just ramble through the 12 k words. (I’m a pro at that, just my perfectionist part hates me for it). I think it may end up with me just hating this one in particular for no reason - and it still being acceptable enough for the buyer.


It happens (hating each other for no reason:( But sometimes otherwise - loving each other for the same no reason! Thatš why I love freelance work so much:)

My important note - first deliver anything, close to expiry date, THEN discuss. In that case your order will not be marked as late and you will not at least have the late order (revisions can be dong as long as you wish, fiverr doesn’t count that as late)


I’d be careful with the ‘deliver anything’, AFAIK that’s not allowed. The delivery has to be the final whatever the gig was about (and shouldn’t be ‘irrelevant’ in either case) if you need more time for a reason, asking for a time extension would be the right procedure.
Of course if the buyer isn’t responsive that leaves you with the options of cancelling or running late, neither of which is nice, but delivering half done whatevers or drafts is an advice that might end badly, if a buyer complains, I think. Risky.

However, powering through it I think is the best solution here anyway. :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:


Yeah, I’m aware of that as well… but to be honest I sort of wanted to do it just for the heck of it now :smiley: I mean honestly I’ve been working on this for nearly three weeks, BEGGED for more information and got nothing. I think the buyer is just playing a joke at this point. I’ve let the gig run late and if he cancels I’ll be pissed but at this point I don’t care about one one star review (I should and I will regret this but yeah…) This whole situation was risky, i should have seen the warning signs :smiley:
I’m still writing but if it gets cancelled I will just delete it
I think my motivation sailed off :smiley:


I’ve tried to discuss it numerous times, but the buyer did not understand.I hate orders going late but I decided I don’t care for once, I’m just trying to power through it (for the money at this point). Revisions actually do run late, for me at least, my very first late order was fun… I’ll be sending this in soon though, only have ‘a bit’ to write now :smiley: But thanks for the tip really :smiley: