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Santa's personal team will handle your custom video project


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Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


In your experience, how many words or syllables are in a 45 second animation?


Whenever buyers ask me for a guideline as to a normal delivery speed like that video, I send them this guide. Of course if you want cinematic, emotive reads, I trim that back by 30%, or more.

60 seconds — 150 word count

30 seconds — 75 word count

15 seconds — 36 word count

Of course, there are other “issues” that some less experienced copywriters make, like phone numbers or URL’s.

For example, they may write “call 1-800-555-2727” which looks like one small word, however when spoken, you realize that it is actually 11 words: “call one eight hundred five five five twenty seven twenty seven”


Thanks, Mike.

Exactly what I was looking for.


Thanks @newsmike

He is right!


Cool Video. Enjoyed it.


Thank you! I’m always trying to be different. I’m happy you enjoyed it. Wasn’t sure how it will be perceived.