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Satisfied buyers with no reviews

Hi. I am back. This time I thank GOD since I have been getting quite a lot of orders since the last time I posted here. However, I have one issue. After delivering satisfying work to my clients, some are not responding by accepting the order so that it is marked complete and neither are they reviewing my account despite incessantly inboxing them to do so thereafter. Subsequently, this is delaying the payment process since the orders have to stay for a minimum of three days before they are marked complete if no issue is raised. What might be the problem? and how can I address it?

As usual, this is the link to my profile

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Please don’t do that - buyers are reminded on more than one occasion to leave feedback if they want to. By inboxing them on multiple occasions, you could be getting a negative review because they’ll get annoyed by the number of messages you’re sending.

There isn’t one - buyers don’t review every order.

Just let the buyer review if they want to - if they don’t, they won’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. Actually I haven’t been sending those many messages. Actually it is either one or two but after that I leave them. I only wanted to know whether there is anything more than I can do to prompt them to send a review or at least accept the order so that payment is processed.

Once you deliver, your job’s done. I’m sure if your buyers want any revisions etc. they’ll let you know.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cheers. Thankyou:wink:

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same problem with my recent two order completed without reviews