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Good day everyone,
What is your most common relationship with clients, does it happen to you that after one of your services, customers keep coming back to you and the customer is always the customer of your services.

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Have a nice day.

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Hi Ilija. Yes, many satisfied customers become more or less regular customers if they need the provided service more or less often. Sometimes, I have to pause my gigs because I’m booked out by regular customers and can’t take jobs from new ones, unless very small.

If you see it from the customer’s side, once they found a seller they are reasonably sure delivers good quality and is reliable, there’s not much incentive for them to spend time on going and finding and trying out another seller, unless their usual seller is booked out or on holidays, or something, and they have urgent work to do.
Apart from quality and reliability, there is also the factor that a seller you work with for longer, will know your business, style, needs and wants, etc., much better than a new seller, you’d lose the time you already invested in finding and talking to that seller, and, depending on the service/product, also consistency/continuity.
Have a nice day as well.