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Saturated niches for new sellers

I’m new to fiverr, and although I have several skill sets as a graphic designer, illustrator, I see the market is flooded. Some are selling gigs so low for so much that I won’t even touch it. I think it will take a lot of creativity for new sellers to get their first sale.

What do you seasoned sellers think? Has fiverr become somewhat like Etsy? = more work = less sales? (if you know what Etsy is all about, I mean)

I am new to Fiverr as well and asked something similar. How is it possible to differentiate oneself if there are so many sellers for the popular categories?

I think initially we need to sell for low and even do a lot of work till we get some reviews. That seems to be the way many seasoned sellers seem to suggest.

After that we can change our gig to reduce the work and charge for extras.

This of course does not help when it comes to the Fiverr search. I have still not found out how it’s possible to appear on the first page of the Fiverr search in saturated niches. That’s where buyers are going to see gigs and that’s where we can get the sales.

I think the “Buyer requests” section is the saving grace for us new sellers to be active and search for buyers and hopefully some buyer may be willing to trust us and give us some work.

When I joined Fiverr, like 2 years ago, my first sale was in the 6th months approximately. I almost gave up. But then it becomes much better and Fiverr put me on the first page for my chalkboard poster. I got a lot of orders (plenty of work, small money), buyer didn’t really follow my gig description and order as they wish. Still, you have to do the job otherwise they can put a bad rating. However, when I become a 2nd level seller I was able to increase my price. That time you can’t put a lot of extra as a newcomer, not like now. So I think it’s even better if you just joined Fiverr now.
There will always someone who will buy your gig, even for a saturated niche like graphic design. Yes, you have to work extra at the beginning, but when you start to get some good reviews you can sell your work with more decent price. I don’t really understand fully about Etsy, tried once, but didn’t work. I got more traffic here. But I saw some people selling digital download and they are doing awesome on Etsy.

I have lots of good reviews on Etsy. To bad we couldn’t transfer them to Fiverr! Thanks for your input. :slight_smile: Have a great day.

You get equal exposure when you are new. The system kind of randomly shows gigs. You have to get orders happening quickly by discounting and quick delivery times.

Targeting on gigs that provide repeat customers is the key to getting away from depending on search results.

There are ways to get more visibility. As a new seller, show your best work examples as gig images. Mention that you will do the first five jobs at an absolute cheap rate to get started. Set your delivery time to a few days and offer the gig extra -extra fast- to possibly make some extra money with the first orders.

Last but not least, make sure your gig description reads great and promote your gig on twitter / facebook and other social tools. Make use of fiverrs forum and post your gigs to the MY GIGS forum. Some sellers may feel just like you do now and will give you some work to get started.

Once you get some views and the first orders, your search listing will go up eventually and things will be easier.

I started many years ago here and just started getting orders since about 3 or 4 months. So I know how it feels :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

As a new seller your goal is to gain “REPUTATION”

Just like any other service, product or business - You need to make buyers admire you and your work. Through offering exceptional services at a low price from start, you’ll gain your reputation which you can then higher up your pricing.

Something that stood out to me in your wording was about the work being so much for so little that you would not “touch it”. You have to touch the work and do some gigs for some good reviews that might not pay as well at first, but like the other sellers have said, once you are established, you can charge a little more in gig extras for things that you start off doing just as part of the gig. I guess what I am saying, is if you don’t have any sales, you can’t go into it with a my work is worth so much more than others doing the same things at that price attitude at first. Best Wishes! Hope things work out for you! @harmonywellness

Mary, thank you for that. What I meant and didn’t say was that the #1 sellers for a niche I could enter gigs on, the seller has a team of employees that do the work. I can’t compete with that. In the gig description it says, “We” and other gigs also say similar things. I have two accounts on fiverr and I did take advice from you all and put up some killer deals. Thanks everyone for your advice and time spent on them. I do appreciate it very much.

Reply to @rodrigueskevin:

Yes trust is the big one. I could maybe do a one gig for a saturated market for low price just to start things. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.