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Saturation in Marketplace

I am Soban, a level 2 seller on facebook and I am a Graphics Designer by profession.
I have noticed a high saturation of untrained freelancers on fiverr since last year and it effected many areas specially Buyer request section.
What is your opinion regarding this.
When the buyer has a lot of buyer requests, he won’t get stuck in reading each and every single one. In this regard, the buyer request section’s usage is decreasing as it is not benefiting the seller at good level.


I am also feeling same when sending buyer requests. In starting of 2020, my buyer request conversion rate was bit higher. Response rate was higher.

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I’m all for healthy competition.

I had to post buyer request twice and it was a disaster.
Out of 100 replies I got only 5-7 sellers at whom I was willing to look at.
So even if you see that a lot of people already applied for BR it still doesn’t mean that your buyer will be interested in working with them. A lot of those are just copy paste messages


You are right but in a case when you have to apply for 10 jobs daily and you don’t get any green signal from them, you are a little bit disappointed. Am I Right?

It’s up to you to control your emotion and change your attitude towards the situation

If I have slow months I take it as a learning curve and not a disappointment


I am glad to know that you are enjoying your work. I hope I’ll be successful in handling the situation. Its irritating for the moment but I manage it later. Thanks for your guidance.

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