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Save em if you can


Hey hey champions!!

Really been focusing on saving orders recently and it’s been working great. Before jumping to the resolution/ask buyer to cancel make sure you have tried everything to save that order, even if it means offering something else. Try to ask some questions to get them to explain their desires and what they were expecting/looking for. Be smart and creative in offering them ‘value’ for the money they already sent your way so basically it’s already in your hands, you just have to find a way to reciprocate your energy/work for that money. Think outside of the box, don’t be pesky or pushy, but offer a couple of options you can do before the last resort…the dreaded ‘CANCELLATION’. :frowning:

The attached is a first time buyer with me who accidentally ordered twice for $55/order. I have this happen A LOT, usually for smaller increments than this one, but this is a great example of a save. Normally $110 would be 10 shows back2back but you can see I threw 12 at him, already offering more than expected. Then I threw out a second option still saving the order, but an entire month is 15-17 shows. 5-7 more than expected. Then, I offered the cancel as a final resort to show understanding for the accidental order but communicating quickly and politely and without being pushy or only offering the cancellation. It’s a first time customer and my guess is a long time one now, especially after I pass the value and attention beyond what was ordered and what they already perceived as a great value and who knows, they might have a lot of friends who think just like them… :slight_smile:

Save if you can, it’s already in your pocket…

DTong (TRS)


Great advice! :smile:

Back in April, I further clarified my FAQ and description. At that time, my order completion rate had been 95% forever because of accidental orders/people getting the wrong gig. It’s a slow process, but because of these simple changes, my ratio has finally increased to 97% and should go up to 100% in the next month.

From what I have noticed, the completion rate is definitely used to calculate gig ranking.


Great Tip, I am facing a lot cancellation now a days…